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Tuesday, October 6, 7:00pm to
8:00 pm
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Join us to learn all there is to know about Illinois ABLE Accounts from Rosemary Laudani, Manager of Illinois ABLE, of the Illinois Treasurer's Office. 

Illinois ABLE (Achieving a Better Life) accounts change the way individuals with disabilities and their families can participate in the community and change the way they plan for their financial futures. ABLE accounts are easy to open and are easy to manage, are controlled by the account owner, and are used to help with everyday living expenses and long term purchase plans. ABLE accounts allow for savings and investments that are tax deductible and do not prevent account owners from receiving SSI/SSDI. 

IL ABLE is an account that eligible people with disabilities and their families can open to save for expenses related to living with a disability, without losing their federal means-tested benefits such as SSI, SSDI and Medicaid. Earnings are tax-free, and funds can be withdrawn tax-free to cover a broad range of qualified disability expenses including housing, health and wellness, education and training, therapy, basic living expenses and more.

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Rosemary Laudani, Illinois ABLE Manager

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