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Posted by jonf on Friday, December 6, 2019

In the latest thriller from Chris Pavone, all hell breaks loose in Paris, but as Kate Moore is about to find out, not everything is as it seems.

Mahmoud Khalid is standing in front of the Louvre with a suicide vest strapped to him ready to die, but

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    Being a Reader's Advisor is a dream job for this former English Lit major. I love reading books, discussing books, listening to audiobooks, matching readers with books...well, you probably get the picture. My favorite genres are literary fiction, psychological suspense, mysteries and memoirs. Lately I've been branching out into other types of nonfiction as well. And I love a great beach read, even in the dead of winter. 


    My favorite genre is science fiction. I do indulge in nonfiction, horror and general fiction occasionally. Graphic novels intrigue me no matter what the subject. Other than that, my only criteria is to find a single volume, any genre, on the shelf that has gone unnoticed. Maybe the author is unfamiliar, or maybe the title or cover is provocative or challenging in some way. That book is mine.


    One of my earliest literary memories is receiving a hardcover Little House on the Prairie for Christmas. I was about 10. I haven’t been without a book by my side since then. Whether it’s discovering an exciting novel by a new author or peeking into lives through a memoir, I still love the anticipation of opening that first page of a good book. My favorite genres are literary fiction, historical fiction, new fiction, memoirs, and social and political nonfiction.


    I am a middle-aged male who likes short walks on the beach and reading. My favorite genres are mystery, suspense and thriller, and nonfiction.


    With such a wide variety of styles within the fiction genre, I find myself gravitating to it first. A strong storyline within a novel is important. My next favorite genre is memoirs, especially listening to them on audiobook when read by the author. Cozy mysteries are my guilty pleasure. I also enjoy watching documentaries and binge-watching television series.


    I love a great story. I read everything from classics to contemporary. I like books with diverse settings and characters.  My favorite genres are mystery and suspense, horror and nonfiction.


    I love romances of all kinds because I can count on a happy ending, which is not always true in real life. I enjoy stories that make me laugh, take me to faraway places and tell the stories of ordinary people’s lives while showing us important events in our past. My favorite genres are historical fiction, contemporary romance, women’s fiction and psychological suspense.

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