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The library provides opportunities to individuals, groups and non-commercial organizations to display materials temporarily in designated display cases within the facility. In light of the library’s primary mission of serving Arlington Heights residents and organizations, the library makes these display cases available for the public display of governmental, civic, cultural, educational, recreational and public information. 

See Display Case Policies & Procedures for details.

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Kids' World Large display Case

Kids' World Display Cases

Two display cases are located in Kids' World near the Lindsey Room:

Vertical Case
The vertical display case measures 53.5 inches wide, 65 inches high and 6 inches deep, and has non-removable glass shelves.

Horizontal Case
The horizontal display case measures 187 inches wide (long section), 20.5 inches wide (short section), 19.5 inches high and 6 inches deep, and has one non-removable shelf.

Lobby Display Cases

Lobby Display Cases

The lobby display cases are located near the library's front entrance. Both cases measure 53 inches wide, 63 inches high and 30 inches deep, and have an outlet and lights.

Second Floor Display Case

Second Floor Display Cases

The display cases on the second floor are located immediately to the left when you exit the elevators. Dimensions of the cases are 74.5 inches wide, 46.5 inches high and 21 inches deep. They have an outlet and lights.