Senior Services

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To find out how we can assist you, call Senior & Accessible Services at 847-870-3712.

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Request Library Delivery Services

The library building, drive-up window and bookmobile will be closed to the public through April 7. For the safety of our customers, we will not be offering home delivery services until further notice. We will respond to requests for service when the library reopens.

For Arlington Heights cardholders, we can deliver books, music, movies and more for as long as you are unable to visit the library due to a temporary or permanent condition. You may select which items you want, or our staff will select items based on your preferences. We will deliver library items to your residence on a monthly schedule.

Request Library Delivery Services

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Library Services at the Arlington Heights Senior Center

The Senior Center is a multi-agency service facility located at 1801 West Central Road. The library's Reading Room, located in the facility, contains a collection of popular books available for checkout. Events, programs and tech classes of special interest to older adults are offered throughout the year. Learn more about library resources at the Senior Center on our Senior Center page.

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Accessibility Resources

We provide resources, services and program accommodations that enhance accessibility for all users. Learn more about the library's accessibility resources on our Accessibility Services page.

Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service

Talking Books

Illinois State Library Talking Book and Braille Service is a free program available to qualified individuals who are unable to read due to a visual or physical impairment. A digital player and accessible materials (digital audio and braille books and magazines) are mailed to your home. 

Senior & Accessible Services staff can work with you to determine your eligibility and complete your Talking Books application. Once your application is accepted, we are available to assist you with setup and book requests.

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Bookmobile Stops

The bookmobile stops at the following senior communities:

  • Cedar Village
  • Luther Village
  • Moorings

See the complete bookmobile schedule.

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Each year, community members donate their time, skills and talents to the library's services and programs. Learn more about the library's volunteer opportunities on our Volunteer page.


Upcoming Senior Programs

- /Hendrickson South
- /Full Hendrickson Room
- /Hendrickson North
- /Hendrickson South
- /Full Hendrickson Room
- /Hendrickson North