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Business Plans Handbook (from Gale Ebooks)

Help develop your own business plan by using examples from entrepreneurs seeking funding for small businesses throughout North America. Browse for plans or use the "Search within series" box to find by keyword.


CFRA MarketScope Advisor

CFRA Research produces industry surveys, stock reports, mutual fund reports, The Outlook newsletter, and much more (and is the provider of these products to S&P).


Look up public records in northern Illinois across communities quickly by personal or business name. Part of Public Records Online.

Company Dossier (from Nexis Uni)

Now part of Nexis Uni. After opening the database, use the "Menu" drop-down menu at the upper left of the page and select "Company Dossier." Millions of public and private companies, with contact information, analysis and news/industry links. No download limit.


Economist Magazine (via Gale)

Full text (no images/PDF) of one of the world's leading business, finance and news magazines.
NOTE: After February 1, The Economist will no longer be available via Libby Magazines. Use Gale to browse full-text articles.

Encyclopedia of Associations: National

Part of the Gale Directory Library. Comprehensive source of detailed information concerning nonprofit American membership organizations of national scope. Covers more than 23,000 organizations.

Encyclopedia of Associations: Regional

Part of the Gale Directory Library. Information on associations and societies that are organized and function at the regional (both interstate and intrastate), state, county, city, neighborhood, and local levels.


Foundation Directory Online

Full access to this database is only available inside the library. Gives grant-seekers unprecedented access to the largest amount of clean and coded philanthropic data that currently exists. Access to the "Grants to Individuals" search tool is now available here (in-library only).

Full access to the Foundation Directory Online is available to users inside the library. Select nonprofits can apply to Candid's "Go for the Gold" program for one-year remote access to the separate "FDO Essentials" product.


Gale Business Insights

Formerly Business Insights: Global. A one-stop source for company profiles and analysis, including SWOT Analysesinvestment reportsindustry overviewsmarket informationcase studies, in-depth news & articles and more. Also includes Plunkett Research Reports.

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Gale Courses

In-depth, instructor-led, 6-week classes on tech topics, health care training, business/accounting, personal development, law, test prep, and more. Some classes can lead to certification and continuing education units (CEUs)

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Gale Directory Library

Search several different national, regional and international directories simultaneously or separately.

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Gale eBooks

Formerly Gale Virtual Reference Library
Reference eBooks on biographybusinessenvironmenthistorylawliteraturemedicinemulticultural studiesnations/worldreligionsciencesocial science, and more. See also Access My Library app.

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Gale OneFile: Business

Full-text coverage of all business disciplines including accounting, economics, finance, marketing, management and strategy

Grants to Individuals

Search for grants and scholarships that are available to Individuals. From Candid (formerlyThe Foundation Center)

Database accessible only from within the library.



NEW: An interactive platform that gives business owners step-by-step, customized directions to complete 50+ legal essentials in advance of working with a lawyer. It can save owners significant legal fees and 60+ hours.
9/2/2022: Due to a site update, you may need to create a new LegalGPS profile if you used it previously.

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Morningstar Investment Research Center

Mutual Funds, Stocks, ETFs; powerful screening tools. Learn the fundamentals of investing from their Planning & Education page.


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National Directory of Nonprofit Organizations

Part of the Gale Directory Library. Provides contact and basic factual information on the largest nonprofit organizations in the United States.

Nexis Uni

From Lexis Nexis. Legal sources (federal/state statutes/cases), business directories, news/magazine/journal articles and much more. Directory listings from Company Dossier can be downloaded for mailing/contact lists. Topic-specific training videos  available. 

Nonprofit Management Courses (Gale Courses)

Series of six-week, instructor-led courses on nonprofit management.

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Plunkett Research

This resource is no longer available. Plunkett industry reports are also available via Business Insights: Global, under Industries > Plunkett Reports.

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Proquest Recent Newspapers: Wall Street Journal

(Formerly Proquest Digitized Newspapers) Full-page scans of recent Wall Street Journal issues (2008-3 months ago).

Public Records Online

Illinois home sales business licenses foreclosures, mortgages, bankruptcies and more. Now includes access to CheckIllinois (quick searching by personal/business name, across communities and record types).


Reference Solutions

(Formerly ReferenceUSA) Business directory, residential listings, demographics and health care listings. Records can be downloaded for mailing/contact lists.

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SizeUp Arlington Heights

NEW! SizeUp Arlington Heights provides business owners, start-ups and aspiring entrepreneurs with market research and business insights to help them make smarter decisions with data to effectively grow their business.

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Treehouse: Online Training

Web design, coding, mobile app development and more. Earn points/badges to track your progress and create a showcase for potential employers.

If you signed up for a library card online, you must receive a permanent library card (sent to your Arlington Heights address) before signing up for Treehouse.

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Additional FREE resources  (no account required):

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Udemy (presented by Gale)

Gale Presents: Udemy (based on the Udemy for Business collection) offers over 3500 on-demand video tutorials covering technology (e.g., Office, Windows, and Mac OS, coding, etc.), business & management, languages, job & career skills, arts, hobbies and personal growth. Some courses offer IT certification test prep or project management professional development units (PDUs). Also includes test prep for GMAT, GRE, PMP and other professional/technical certifications.

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Value Line Research Center

Investment advice on the stock market industries and the economy.


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Wall Street Journal via Proquest

NOTE: Full access to the website is now available to Arlington Heights cardholders. Details here.

Articles from the eastern print edtion. Business and financial news from 1/2/84-present. Articles from the online edition also available.