Origami suncatcher hanging in window

Inclusion Awareness Month

This month Arlington Heights Memorial Library celebrates Inclusion Awareness Month. We are committed to serving individuals of all abilities in our community. Join us in celebrating our commitment to inclusion by creating and displaying origami suncatchers in your homes. Take a photo and share your creation with us at #AHMLSun.

Origami Suncatcher Kit Supplies

  • 8 pieces of square paper
  • Glue stick
  • 1 yard fishing line
  • 1 suction cup
  • 1 Inclusion Awareness Month sticker

In the library-made kit, there are supplies to make and hang 1 large suncatcher. Or, you can use the supplies to make 4 small suncatchers instead. To make 4 small suncatchers, follow the instructions below to cut the paper.

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Step 1

Lay the paper on a flat surface facing you like a diamond shape. Fold paper in half vertically and then open it. You will use this center ‘line’ to guide the next steps.


Steps 2 & 3

Fold the right point down against the center 'line' forming a sharp point at the very top. Make the same fold on the left side.



Step 4

Flip the paper over. You have made the first point that will make up your suncatcher.


Step 5

Continue Steps 1-4 with each piece of paper to make 8 points.


Step 6

Starting with your first point, apply glue to the lower right corner, line the next point up against the center fold and press down. Continue this process to glue the 8 points together.


Final Step: To Hang

Poke a hole in the top point of the suncatcher. Thread and knot fishing line through the hole and attach it to a suction cup. Enjoy!