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Monday, May 16, 7:00pm to
8:30 pm
Cardinal Room
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Your brain is the single biggest driver of your energy, your focus, and the results you get in every area of life. Your career, finances, physical health and relationships - all of them are constantly created and influenced by your thinking. Unfortunately, your brain didn’t come with an owner’s manual...until now.

Join Robb Zbierski to learn to harness the results-producing part of your brain in order to achieve your personal best - professionally, financially and personally. 

This workshop will include:

  • The ways in which your brain creates your experience - and your results. Every day, we’re creating our lives with our mind - and it’s enlightening to see how your mental focus dictates your ability to be productive.
  • Your brain’s extremely UNhelpful “default settings” - We now know that all of us have brains that come “pre-programmed” with some patterns that will actually hold you back - keep you stuck in place - if not understood and dealt with.
  • How to overcome these default settings and put you in charge of your brain and your results using simple and effective strategies for making your brain work FOR instead of AGAINST you. The session will conclude with a game plan for ongoing improvement.

To request disability accommodations, please contact us at 847-392-0100 or accessibility@ahml.info prior to the event.

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Robb Zbierski; Freedom Personal Development; Speaker; Coach; Best Selling Author

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