7.008 Library Parking Lot

Replaces 03/28/1995

Use of the library's parking lot is limited to those who are visiting to use library services.  Using the parking lot in ways unrelated to this purpose is prohibited, unless authorized in advance by the executive director.

The parking lot is closed to all persons and vehicles, except to staff and volunteers and to customers using the book drop and drive-up window, from one half hour after the official closing time until one half hour before the official opening time, except as authorized by the executive director.  Regulations posted on signs in the parking lot must be observed.

Unauthorized persons in the parking lot in a period when the lot is closed will be required to leave the premises immediately and may be reported to the police for possible trespass violation.

Vehicles parked in violation of the policy are subject to towing.  Violators must pay any and all costs and expenses of towing.