1.104 Advocacy

Replaces 09/20/2005

With their knowledge and experience, the Library’s trustees are valuable, credible advocates for the Arlington Heights Memorial Library.

So it is essential that members of the Board of Library Trustees be informed, active advocates on legislation affecting library funding and services.  Trustees are kept aware of proposed legislation on the local, state, and national levels on an ongoing basis.  When appropriate, the Board of Library Trustees chooses a position on such legislation, takes action and makes its position on proposed legislation known to the appropriate political entity.

In addition, a solid working relationship is maintained between members of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library Board of Trustees and legislators serving the library constituency.  Whenever possible, library issues are addressed in ways that transcend partisan politics, that acknowledge economic realities, and that position libraries as part of the solution to larger problems such as those related to literacy and the community’s economic vitality.

Trustees educate and inform legislators about the Library and what it means to their shared constituencies.  Regular contact between trustees and legislators, or their staff, is desirable.  Whenever possible, trustees will

  •  visit legislators in their home offices,
  •  participate in statewide or national legislative advocacy events,
  •  invite elected officials to the library,
  •  host events specifically for officials,
  •  send position letters and follow up with letters of appreciation, and
  •  keep the lines of communication open between elected officials and the Board of Library Trustees.