Experience Virtual Reality, Electronic Drums & More in the Studio

Staff member wearing Meta Quest 2 virtual reality headset

Meta Quest 2 is now available at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library! The all-in-one virtual reality (VR) headset is available to Arlington Heights cardholders, ages 12 and up, to use in the library's digital media lab, the Studio. Strap on the headset and get ready to experience total immersion with 3D positional audio, hand tracking and easy-to-use controllers working together to make virtual worlds feel real.

"When customers first put on the headset, they're generally surprised as the quality of this technology has greatly advanced and you really feel like you're being transported into another world," said Chris Smith, Digital Media Specialist at the library. 

Meta Quest 2 is by far the most affordable and accessible VR headset for entry level users wanting to experience VR for the first time. It is lightweight, easy to set up and use. Offering a wide variety of games and apps, the system can provide hours of entertainment and learning. Meta Quest 2 games available to use in the Studio include Cubism, Among Us VR, Beat Saber and Job Simulator.

"The library wants customers to be able to experience new types of technology in a place where they can be educated while using it," said Smith. "VR has become a tool even among industries to conduct employee training on things like safety or teaching skills like welding or surgery. Adding these experiences in VR allows users to experience them in a fun, judgement-free zone, so they can perform their job duties with confidence."

To use Meta Quest 2, customers should reserve Studio Room B or Studio Production and request the virtual reality headset when making the reservation. Sessions can be booked for up to two hours, and the reservation may be made seven days ahead. Get started at ahml.info/services/studio or call 847-392-0100.

Other Things To Do in the Studio

Whether you're looking to record music, design your business logo or even digitize some home movies, the library's Studio has you covered on your next creative project with more than 40 pieces of equipment and software resources including: 

Electronic Drums, Bass Guitar and More

The Studio continues to expand its musical offerings. Two of the newest additions are an electronic drum kit and a bass guitar. Other musical equipment available in the Studio include an electronic keyboard, guitar and MASCHINE beat maker.

Conversion Kits: Digitize VHS, 8 MM Film and More

Digitizing equipment remains among the Studio's most popular and in-demand equipment like the VHS Conversion Kit. This kit allows users to convert VHS, VHS-C, Hi8, Digital8, Video8, DV and Mini DV tapes to DVD or to a digital format. Also available in the Studio: An Audio Conversion Kit, a Batch Slide Scanner Kit and a Reel-to-Reel Film Conversion Kit.

Recording Studio for Music, Voiceovers and More

The Studio is home to a full audio production booth. Record professional quality audio for voiceovers, podcasts, musical recordings and more in this space, which can be reserved for up to two hours per session. The Studio Production can be reserved up to one week in advance. 

Learn more and get started here.