Kids' World gets a makeover!

Kids' World Makeover Celebration

It’s a brand-new day in Kids’ World! Step inside and come discover new ways to play and learn as the library begins 2024 with a totally reimagined and refreshed Kids’ World space designed to meet the growing needs of its youngest customers, their families and caregivers.   

“The vision for the Kids’ World refresh is to create flexible, interactive and experiential learning zones dedicated to specific age groups with resources and activities to meet their developmental needs and interests,” said Trixie Dantis, Youth Services Manager. “We are committed to offering equal access to learning and socialization opportunities, through free, open-ended exploratory play and learning opportunities for children, their caregivers and families." 

The extensive, three-month makeover began last September. Shelving and large parts of the collection were moved and rearranged, and the walls were painted. A new entrance to Kids’ World was also constructed to welcome library visitors. And if you need a snack break, there is now a brand-new café area with open seating just inside Kids’ World to the left.   

In addition to these improvements, many new learning features and  family-friendly upgrades have been added within Kids’ World. Here are some highlights: 

Tween Space 

A space dedicated entirely for tweens in grades 4 to 6 to explore making and other DIY drop-in activities. Craft, build and tinker at the Maker Table full of supplies and projects, all generously donated by the Arlington Heights Memorial Library Foundation. Tweens can practice independence as they spend time with friends and make new ones, play video games, or find a book recommended by a tween. 

Interactive Family Area 

Kids’ World’s new Interactive Family Zone provides an engaging space for children of all ages and their families to play and learn together. At the zone’s center is the Everbright wall.  Measuring almost eight feet wide by four feet tall, the Everbright wall is a captivating reimagining of the beloved Lite Brite classic and offers endless interactive play opportunities for all abilities. 

Nearby, a new floor projection system provides kids with a fun, open play space to enjoy interactive games together right in the heart of Kids’ World. Be sure and check out the projection floor each time you visit. You never know what new game or activity you’ll discover just by looking down! 

Thank you to the Foundation for funding the Everbright wall, and the Friends of the Library for donating the new floor projection system. 

Lindsey Room and Tinker Cart 

The Lindsey Room, home to storytimes and countless craft and activity programs, also got a much-needed refresh with new flooring, paint colors and a sink for washing big and little hands.  The Tinker Cart, also funded by the Foundation, is another new feature that will keep younger kids, grades K-3, engaged during drop-in programs for making and creating in the Lindsey Room. 

Imagination Station and Baby Garden 

Our littlest library visitors now have a dedicated place of their very own to explore soft play toys and to learn and grow socially as babies and toddlers interact in this highly tactile space.  

Wellness Room and Restroom 

An all-gender bathroom has been added to Kids’ World as well as a Wellness Room which offers a quiet space for nursing mothers and for anyone who may need a calming space during their visit to Kids’ World.