Let us recommend your next read

Customer Ken Nopar holding an open book in the library's shelving area

What do you do when you have run out of ideas for what to read next? Arlington Heights resident Ken
Nopar discovered the library’s “Book Me” form and now has a customized list of suggestions.

“I was out of ideas for books to read and needed something to refer back to when there was more room on
the shelf,” Nopar said. When he filled out his form online, he indicated he was into history and wrote down
a few of his favorite books. In return, he received a list of 10 books from library staff, most of which were
never on his radar before.

“I’ve checked out seven or eight of the books so far, and I’ve read and enjoyed most of them,” he said. “It’s
been perfect for when I travel and during evenings when I have nothing to do.” Nopar said it has changed
the way he checks out books from the library. “It’s a non-threatening way to get recommendations for
books I otherwise wouldn’t know about. There’s no downside to participating.”

Want recommendations on what to read next? 

Our expert staff have a wide range of reading tastes and love to help connect readers to their next book. Get started and complete a "Book Me" form today.