FanCon Presenters


Andrew Trygstad

A longtime fan of all things Star Wars, Andrew has made it a life’s passion to learn how to teach and fight with weapons safely and effectively for the stage. He recently completed his Bachelor’s degree from Columbia College Chicago, where he spent an extensive amount of time studying Stage Combat. He’s begun comprehensively mapping out the seven lightsaber forms and preparing a lightsaber manual.


Anthony Mele

Spending over 15 years on the stage, and even more with a video game controller in his hand, Anthony Mele is a big ol’ nerd. Literally. You’ll find him easily by looking up, he’s 6’5”.

Photo of Sam Grieger in Mysterio cosplay from Spiderman No Way Home

Black Zero Cosplay

BlackZero is a cosplayer, production designer and artist from Milwaukee, and has been honing his craft for over a decade. Specializing in foam armor suits, 3D printing and props, he has won numerous costume contests, culminating in a win at the Crown Championships of Cosplay in 2019. Over the years he has worked for Marvel Studios, Amazon Prime and more with the goal of someday entering the film industry full time. For now he seeks to impassion others to pursue their chosen art and teach those who think they can't, that anyone can cosplay.

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Photo of Clair Rogoski

Claire Rogoski

Claire is a longtime costumer/cosplayer who enjoys sewing, history, bringing characters to life at charity events, museums, Dungeons & Dragons and spending time in nature.  Costume designing original characters and working with new techniques and creative materials to build these unique creations is particularly rewarding for Claire.  Recent credentials include an Associate's Degree in Mortuary Science from Worsham College. Claire hails from Skokie where she is currently helping the community as a funeral director/embalmer apprentice. 


Black and white line art of a Dalek from Doctor Who

Dalek Asylum Milwaukee

The Daleks are invading! Dalek Asylum Milwaukee will be in attendance. They are the United States’ oldest and largest cooperative building club, having assembled double digits of Daleks in the last few years. Dalek Asylum Milwaukee calls the Milwaukee Makerspace home.

You can find the Daleks roaming the library for the duration of FanCon.

Photo of Hailey Cristiano

Hailey Cristiano

Hailey Cristiano is a Chicago-based cosplayer and actor, currently working towards a master’s degree in education. She fell in love with acting in high school, going on to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Acting from Columbia College Chicago in 2018. During the pandemic, she decided to pursue her master’s and is hoping to teach high school theatre or elementary education. When not working her day job, Hailey can be found working on school work, sewing new costumes, hanging out with family or friends, or cuddling her puppy. This will be her third year attending FanCon as a guest.

Photo of Joe and Gina in team rocket costumes

Joe Tinaglia & Gina Venable

Joe Tinman: Joe The Tinman Tinaglia is a multimedia artist known for his cosplay, comic books and movie making. He studied illustration and fashion at the Art Institute of Chicago before becoming an art teacher at Northeastern Illinois University. He has spent the last 20 years publishing books and the last decade running cosplay clubs that travel the world. 

Gina Venable: Gina Venable is an artist known for her hundreds of self-made imaginative cosplays. Along with her two sons she loves learning about new fandoms and games. She has spent the last five years performing for numerous charity organizations to spread love, healing and education through her performance art. 

Photo of star wars Rey costume posting with fire

Raks Geek

Named "Best Dance Troupe" runner-up by the Chicago Reader, Raks Geek is the premiere bellydance, flow arts and fire company by geeks for geeks. They're based in Chicago, but their cast has performed from Germany to Costa Rica; they've made waves nationally and internationally on MSN, WGN-TV, UK Channel 4 TV and the Chicago Tribune through their commitment to blend a high degree of artistic and technical mastery with fun, creativity and favorite themes from nerd culture. "Sci-fi seduction." - The Daily Mail.

Photo of Trevor Mueller against purple and yellow background

Trevor Mueller

Trevor Mueller is a comic writer from Chicago. His latest projects are Nexus Point and Re-Possessed (Webtoon Originals). He is the writer of the multi-Harvey Award nominated Albert the Alien. He has contributed stories to several anthologies, including Reading with Pictures (Andrews McMeel), Killer Queen and What Fresh Hell Is This? (Red Stylo Media), Best of Omega Comics Presents (Pop! Goes the Icon) and Aw Yeah Comics. He has also self-published several other works including Consumer, Beyond the Pillars, Los Ojos and The Witches of E Wick BLVD.

He is the writer, artist and creator of several award-winning webcomic series (, and regularly reviews movies, video games and comics. Trevor also appears on occasional episodes of the popular web series Nostalgia Critic.

Trevor currently lives in Chicago with his family; his cat, Waffles, might be planning for world domination.