Use these online tools to better understand current events

Online Resources for Current Events

Issues, controversies and arguments are everywhere in the news. However, with soundbites and social media posts, it’s difficult to understand all the nuances that are relevant. You can use several of the library’s online databases to help get a better understanding of what’s behind the hot topics of the day:

• Gale in Context: Opposing Viewpoints & Gale in Context: Global Issues—Feature background articles and point-of-view pieces on hot-button issues that require understanding from both sides.

• Alt-Press Watch—Articles from newspapers and magazines that represent voices outside the mainstream, across the political and cultural spectrum.

• CultureGrams—Background information on people and cultures from around the world.

• Gale Virtual Reference Library—A large, searchable collection of subject encyclopedias, covering topics such as law, history, health, science, etc.

• Encyclopedia Britannica Reference Center—The world’s most famous encyclopedia, with in-depth, interconnected articles on issues and cultures.

Find these sources on the Research > Databases page. From that page, you can also use the “quick article search” box at the top of the page and retrieve articles simultaneously from the resources listed here.