Dogs find new forever homes with help of library green screen


The volunteers of local nonprofit, no-kill animal shelter The Buddy Foundation took advantage of the library’s collection after discovering the library has a collapsible green screen available for checkout, and used it to not only spread some holiday cheer, but helped several of their dogs get adopted into loving homes.

“We're always posting pictures of our dogs and our cats at the shelter on social media,” said volunteer Eriq Jaffe, who works with social media coordinator Stephanie Snow Familar and volunteer Nicole Pasterski. “The whole point of posting these [pictures] on social media is to get the animals noticed.”

“I thought it might be kind of fun to do something with the green screen where we can then take those pictures and put a dog in Santa's workshop or in front of a fireplace, which might get some more eyes on these dogs and get them adopted,” Jaffe said.

“When Eriq said that he could get a green screen, I was like, ‘that's cool, isn't that what they use in the movies,’” Familar said. “I didn't have any idea that he was going to get it at the library; I found that out the day that he got it...I was so surprised in such a good way that [the library has] these really cool tools for people to use.”

“The hard part [was] getting the dogs to hold still,” Jaffe said. “But really, setting up the green screen was a snap.”
The photos and videos were shared on The Buddy Foundation’s Facebook and Instagram accounts and received the shelter’s largest engagement on social media to date.

“The end goal is always getting the dogs adopted,” Familar said. “Two of the dogs that we featured got adopted and that's an amazing feeling for me, Nikki and Eriq, and it was a lot of fun for the dogs too.”