Studio Guidelines


  • Studios A, B, and C are available for up to four people.
  • Studio Entry is available for up to two people.
  • Studio Production is available for up to six people.

Guidelines for Use

  • No food or drink is allowed in the Studio except for covered water bottles.
  • No vaping, smoking, or e-cigarettes allowed in the Studio.
  • To keep the equipment safe, do not prop open the main Studio door.
  • To allow everyone a fair chance to use the Studio, only one reservation is allowed per party at a time, per day. Reservations are two hours long but may be extended based on availability.
  • Do not unplug or rearrange any cables attached to Studio equipment. Our setup is very particular and any changes can cause problems for customers who use the Studio after you.
  • The Studio is a do-it-yourself environment. Staff will direct you toward learning resources and help find answers to questions but will not work on projects for you.
  • The customer who checks out the Studio is responsible for any damage that occurs due to misuse during their reservation. Please report all damage to staff so we can try to get it fixed for you.
  • The rooms are not totally soundproof. Please keep volume levels low enough so as not to disturb other Studio users.
  • For your privacy, all new files are permanently erased from Studio computers when they are restarted. Make sure to take your files with you.
  • The Studios are not study rooms and should only be used for the specialty equipment and software they provide. There are conference rooms available on the second floor for group work.
  • Be sure to return all checked out equipment or accessories to the Tech Learning Center desk after your reservation. Return the computer, keyboards, lights and stands to their original positions before you leave.

Reservations and Availability

  • It’s okay to bring friends with you, but you cannot check in under someone else’s name or drop your friends off. The customer who reserved the Studio must be present the entire time.
  • A customer may reserve Studio rooms for a maximum of two hours per day. Time may be extended if no one is waiting.
  • Reservations may be extended hour-by-hour starting 30 minutes before the original end time. See staff to request an extension.
  • To make sure everyone gets enough time to work on their projects,  be ready to leave the Studio at the time your reservation ends. This means all saving, rendering and uploading must be completed during your reservation, not after.
  • Call and let us know if you’re going to be late. Reservations will be held for 15 minutes past the reservation time before the room is released to another party.
  • Customers under 12 years old must be accompanied by an adult.
  • Customers must be 12 years or older to reserve the Virtual Reality Headset.
  • A library card or student ID from Schools We Serve is required for check-in.