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Work from Home Resources

Working, learning or teaching from home? There are several free services that can aid in social distancing, working remotely and communicating online. Popular learning platform Treehouse offers a free 28-minute video How to Work Remotely: The Most Successful Habits and Skills to Put Into Practice. Here are a few popular services along with instructions for using them: 

Skype: Microsoft’s cross-compatible text, voice and video chat platform. Best for communicating across different types of devices. Tutorial Skype support 

Google HangoutsGoogle’s chat and video platform. Best for communicating to others with Google or Gmail accounts. Tutorial Hangouts support 

Zoom: Popular platform for hosting video conferences and webinars, easy to invite new users through email. Only free for 40 minute and under meetings. Tutorial Zoom support 

Facetime: Apple’s integrated voice and video chat platform. Best for communicating between Apple devices like iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Tutorial Facetime support 

Facebook MessengerFacebook’s integrated text, voice and video chat platform. Best for communicating with active Facebook users. Tutorial Facebook Messenger support 

Jamm: Communication app for remote work. Includes a how to work from home tip sheet.

Remote Doctor Visits: Through your health insurance, you may have access to avoid the doctor’s office and visit a doctor remotely by text, voice or video. Contact your provider to see if you are eligible and for instructions to use these services. 

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