Year round reading programs on Beanstack!

Reading programs are not just for the summer when you read with the Arlington Heights Memorial Library! Now including a new program for grades K-3! Participate anytime, anywhere using Beanstack. Log on to, or download the app from the App Store or Google Play. Your age will determine what program you participate in. No library card required!

1000 Books Before Kindergarten

Ages 0-5

  • Shared reading is the best way to help babies, toddlers and preschoolers develop the important early literacy skills they need to learn how to read independently later on. The more books children ages 0-5 hear, the more prepared they will be to learn how to read.
  • So, every time you read any book to your little one, log it on beanstack! Even if it's the same book 10 times, log it 10 times.
  • Participants will get a free book when they complete the 500 Books badge and the 1000 Books badge!

Read 500 - NEW

Grades K-3

  • The Arlington Heights Memorial Library challenges you to read 500 minutes a month! That's only 20 minutes a day for 25 days of the month.
  • Every time you read 500 minutes, you will get a badge that will count as an entry toward an annual grand prize raffle. One grand prize winner per grade will be selected on September 1st each year.
  • For every 6 badges you earn, you will get to pick out a free book to keep!
  • Click here for a video tutorial on how to sign up and participate online.
  • You can also track your reading using a paper log each month. Print out this color version or this black and white version that you can color in yourself!
  • More questions? Look at the FAQ section below!

100 Books Before High School

Grades 4-8

  • Log every book you read on Beanstack. For every 20 books logged, you’ll earn a badge and a free book. Stop by the Kids’ World or Hub Desks to choose from our awesome selection of prize books, and get a real-life badge to wear proudly.
  • Once you log 100 Books, you’ll earn a High School Survival Kit. The tools in the kit were selected by our Teen Advisory Board, and include a USB power bank, mechanical pencil, mints, a super-pack of sticky notes and so much more.
  • All prize books and High School Survival Kits were generously funded by the Friends of the Library.

Log on to to get started!


Frequently Asked Questions

Read 500:

Q: My child is already participating in a reading program with another organization. Can we count the same reading for this log?

  • A: Of course! Feel free to count any reading you are doing, whether it’s for school or another organization. In fact, if you decide to do AHML’s Summer Reading Program, you should keep logging the same reading for Read 500 as well!

Q: What are the annual grand prizes going to be?

  • A: That is to be determined, but rest assured, they will be grand. Prizes will be tailored toward the grade of the winner. Grand prizes will likely vary from one year to the next.

Q: What if my child takes more than a month to log 500 minutes?

  • A: That’s okay! Just keep logging their reading as they go. It’s completely okay if their “month” doesn’t match up with the calendar. You can redeem prize books at anytime the library is open.

Q: Oh no! I completely forgot about the program and can’t even remember the last time we logged any of my child’s reading. Do I have to start over?

  • A: Don’t start over! Just keep going from the last badge you earned. Badges do not have to be earned in sequential months in order to redeem the prize books.

Q: What if my child reads for an hour one day?

  • A: Check off three “Read 20 minutes” boxes on the badge you’re currently working on.

Q: Why are there 48 badges? That seems like so much!

  • A: It is a lot! The good news is that very few participants should complete them all! But if a kindergartener started on their first day of kindergarten, they could potentially complete a badge every month until they finish 3rd grade. So, since that’s 4 years, there are 48 badges.

Q: Does my child get anything extra if he/she gets through all 48 badges?

  • No, but they will get to pick out a prize book, like they do for every 6 earned badges. The point of the program is to encourage sustained reading as your child moves from “learning to read” to “reading to learn.” Because of this, there is no extra completion prize for getting all 48 badges.

Q: What if my child loves reading and could read 1000 minutes in a month?

  • A: That’s great! They can feel free to complete multiple badges in a month, if they want. Just keep in mind that there are 48 badges total, so if they finish all the badges before they finish 3rd grade, they will complete the program early. They cannot repeat this program when they finish all the badges. And they cannot go onto the 100 Books Before High School until they are in 4th grade. So you might want to consider only logging enough reading for one badge in a month and not starting the next badge until the next month.


Any unanswered questions, or questions about the other reading programs? Please email