6.010 Information Services

Replaces 12/21/1999

The Arlington Heights Memorial Library provides high-quality information service to meet the educational, cultural, and recreational needs of the community.  Staff at various service points provide prompt, accurate information, including appropriate referral to outside resources, to all library customers.  The role of library staff is to provide information and refer the customer to resources.  Library staff do not offer opinions, advice, or interpretations of information.

Staff provide reference assistance to any customer requesting it, regardless of residency or means of communication.  Staff strive to meet the information needs of library users whether in person, on the phone, by mail, online, or by any other means.  Priority is given to Arlington Heights cardholders.

The primary purpose of reference service is to provide answers to questions, regardless of their nature.  No judgments are made about the nature of the question asked.

Another role of information service is to educate customers about the use of library resources.  One-on-one instruction is dependent upon staff availability and service desk time constraints.  Classes on library resources may also be available.

Tutorial assistance (e.g., proofreading, editing, correcting, math computations, etc.) is outside the scope of reference service.