7.002 Unattended and/or Unsupervised Children

Replaces 06/17/2014

The Board of Library Trustees and staff of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library are committed to providing a welcoming and safe environment for all children who visit the library.  As a public facility, the library takes reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of children while they are using the library.  Library facilities are not designed or licensed to provide child care needs including emergency care, nutrition, adult supervision or physical exercise.
Children are considered mature enough to use the library unattended if (1) the parent or caregiver determines that they are mature enough; (2) they are at least nine years old; and (3) they are able to tell staff their full name, parent or caregiver’s name, and parent or caregiver’s phone number upon request.  Children who do not meet all three criteria must be directly supervised when in the library by someone who is at least fourteen years old and does meet all the criteria.
Parents and caregivers are responsible for their children's behavior regardless if the parent or caregiver is with their children in the library.  All library users are expected to conform to the Code of Conduct and exhibit behavior that does not interfere with normal operations of the library or disturb library users or staff.  Parents are also responsible for instructing their children about what to do should an emergency situation occur during their visit.  
If it is determined a child is unattended and/or unsupervised attempts to locate the parent or caregiver will be made. If the parent or caregiver is located in the library they will be directed to stay with and supervise the child. If it is determined a child is in the library without a parent or caregiver over the age of 14, staff will attempt to contact the parent or caregiver by telephone.  If a parent, legal guardian or caregiver cannot be reached within 30 minutes, the police will be contacted and asked to assist, including assistance at the library's closing time.
Library users who are not in compliance with the Unattended and/or Unsupervised Children Policy will be advised by library staff of the requirements of this policy.  Remedies for violations of this policy include removal from library premises and suspension of library privileges.