6.011 Computer Use

Replaces 10/01/2011

The library provides a variety of computers, computing equipment, and accessories for public use. Each type of equipment is subject to specific limits or conditions described in any conditions of use.

Computing equipment and software are chosen to support the computing needs of the broadest number of Arlington Heights residents, with an emphasis on security and reliability. The library strives to maintain its computer equipment and Internet access to ensure availability at all times.

Use of any of the library’s computing equipment and networks is at the sole risk and discretion of the user. This means that it is the user, and not the library, who would be responsible for any damage to the user’s own computers, devices, or equipment while connected to the library’s wired or wireless networks or while connected to any of the library’s equipment.

The library takes reasonable steps to secure its networks from unauthorized access. In using a public computer however, an individual must be aware that the security of information or transactions while using the library’s equipment or networks is not guaranteed.

The library reserves the right to suspend the use of its computers and/or the library by anyone who uses library computing equipment, electronic devices or a network for an illegal purpose or for a purpose in violation of the standards outlined in Policy 7.001 - Library’s Code of Conduct.