6.003 Internet Access

Replaces 04/17/2013


The First Amendment of the United States Constitution protects the rights of citizens from governmental intrusion into what they see, hear, view and read. It also applies to people accessing content on the internet. With the exception of the public computers in Kids’ World and the Hub, the library’s public computers do not have filtering software. 

On public computers in Kids’ World and the Hub, the library uses an internet filtering service that blocks websites that it identifies as inappropriate, but may not block access to all materials considered offensive by some individuals. Therefore, the library cannot provide complete assurance about the appropriateness of internet content.

The library affirms the right and responsibility of parents and caregivers to decide which library resources are appropriate for their children and to monitor their children's use of library resources, including internet use. In the case of minors, internet use in the library is the responsibility of the user and the parent or guardian. 

The library assumes responsibility only for the information contained on the Arlington Heights Memorial Library website. 

The library reserves the right to suspend the use of its computers and/or the library by anyone who uses library computing equipment, electronic devices or a network for an illegal purpose or for a purpose in violation of the standards outlined in Policy 7.001 – Library’s Code of Conduct. 

This policy is reviewed annually by the Board of Library Trustees.