5.004 Fees and Charges

Replaces 11/19/2014

The Board of Trustees of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library may establish fees or charges for users of the library’s services.  The library will make every reasonable effort, within budgetary restraints, to provide its services without fees, except as required by law.  Fees will be established in accordance with the Arlington Heights Memorial Library Fees and Guidelines.
AHML Fees and Guidelines Affirmed by Board of Library Trustees 
Library users may pay fees or other types of charges in cash, by check or with a credit card.  AHML makes a reasonable effort not to charge fees.  In determining if fees are to be charged, the following will assist in making decisions.
  A.  Public libraries are a public good and must be supported by public funds.
  B. Public libraries provide locally identified basic services that are free and available to all users.
  C. Libraries that cooperate and share resources are better able to meet the needs of users.
  A. As part of the process of setting fees, public libraries should determine the actual cost of providing services.
  B.  Public libraries should provide a mechanism to allow for exceptions in applying fees.  The procedure for granting exceptions should be straightforward and not overly bureaucratic.
  C. Fees provide only a small percentage of the total public library budget.
  D.  Fees shall not be established solely on the basis of format.
Fees should be retained by the library.
Beyond locally identified basic services, fees may be considered for:
    1.  Services that provide greater convenience to the customer.
    2.  An enhanced level of service.
    3.  Services that otherwise might not be available.
    4.  Consumable supplies.
    5.  Service to non-residents.
Controlling the use of limited resources, including staff time [Adapted from statement developed by the “Fee-Based Services Committee” of the Public Library Association, 1995].
Item Type Maximum Late Charge
Book Basket $10.00
Adult Books   10.00
Adult Audio Visual   10.00
    (except as noted below)  
Adult Paperbacks     3.00
Adult Magazines     3.00
Adult Maps     2.00
Kids’ World Books     5.00
Kids’ World Audio Visual     5.00
    (except as noted below)  
Kids’ World Paperbacks     3.00
Kids’ World Magazines     3.00
All DVDs and Blu-Rays   20.00
All Console Video Games   20.00
All CD-ROMs   20.00
All Electronic Readers   20.00
All Interlibrary Loan Items   10.00
The late charge for all items is 25 cents per day.
While late charges begin accruing the day after the due date, they are not charged until the fourth day after the date due.  A borrower may return an item up to three days after the due date and not be charged.  Developing collections may have different late charges.  The library does not assess late charges for days the library is closed.

                         MEETING ROOM FEES
1/2 Hendrickson Room -- no refreshments $  .00
1/2 Hendrickson Room with refreshments   10.00
Full Hendrickson Room -- no refreshments   50.00
Full Hendrickson Room with refreshments   75.00
Use of Piano (additional)   25.00
                                    Use of the Hendrickson Room is restricted to Arlington Heights residents only.

                                     LOST OR DAMAGED MATERIALS & EQUIPMENT
Puzzle Piece(s) - replaced or repaired  $   1.00     
Missing Toy, Puppet or Bag with Velcro or "Sights and Sounds" Bag        3.00     
Missing CD Case        3.00     
Missing DVD Case        5.00     
Other Missing AV Case        5.00     
Missing CD-ROM Software Case      10.00     
Rebinding        7.50     
If a cardholder reports to the library a lost, missing or stolen card within 48 hours of discovery, the cardholder will be liable for no more than $50.00 in late charges or lost item charges that accrue on the account due to the unauthorized use of the library card.
(Policy 5.002, C. 2.)
Black and white letter or legal copy         $ .05
Black and white ledger copy
Color letter or legal copy            .40
Color ledger copy            .80
3D Printer charges include a base charge for up to 5 grams of material and an additional charge for each gram thereafter.
Base charge per item              $  1.00 (5 grams)
Each Additional gram                    .25
Non Resident Library Card – The fee is determined annually by the Board of Library Trustees.
Library Card Replacements – A lost library card is replaced once per calendar year without charge.  Additional replacements of the card during the same calendar year will cost $1.00 per occurrence.  (Policy 5.002, E. 1.)