2.010 Donations


The library welcomes monetary donations and donations of stock, materials, and other items. The purpose of this policy is to provide guidance to those who may be interested in donating. The library reserves the right to accept or reject any donation. Donations may also be made to the Friends of the Arlington Heights Memorial Library, an independent 501 (c) (3) non-profit corporation in accordance with its policies and guidelines.


Monetary Donations

The library welcomes monetary donations. There are two types of monetary donations: restricted and unrestricted.

Restricted donations are those where the donor has defined specific terms, conditions, and purposes. The library may accept such donations, which support the library’s mission. With the exception of donations designated for purchasing library material, the executive director or his or her designee will coordinate restricted donations and will determine, in consultation with the Board of Library Trustees (the board), the suitability of the restricted donation. Terms of acceptance must be compatible with the library’s policies, the donor’s intent, and applicable laws.

In the case of money donated to purchase library materials, the donor may recommend an age level, broad subject area, or format. The library will attempt to honor the donor’s wishes if the donor’s recommendations are consistent with library policies, current needs, and available space. The library does not guarantee that expenditures will be made in the recommended categories. Library staff will make selections of specific titles. Materials purchased with donated funds become a part of the library’s collection subject to the library’s normal guidelines for deaccession and disposal.

Unrestricted donations are those where the donor has not specified conditions, terms, or purposes. Whenever possible, the library will use these donations to purchase items that enhance the library building or library services, which may be outside the scope typically provided for in the library’s budget.

Typical uses of unrestricted monetary donations include, but are not limited to:

  • Works of art
  • Giveaways and prices for the community
  • Aesthetic building enhancements
  • Emerging technology
  • Furniture

Donation of Library Materials

The library generally accepts donations of books and other library material but reserves the right to impose limits and operational guidelines to ensure such donations can be effectively managed. Typically, the library donates such material to the Friends of the Library. On occasion, donated materials may be added to the library’s collection subject to library policies and guidelines for deaccession and disposal.

Donations of Other Items

The library will consider on a case-by-case basis donations of furniture, merchandise, works of art, and other goods and services that support the library’s mission. The executive director or his or her designee will coordinate such inquiries and will determine, in consultation with the board, the suitability of the proposed donation. Terms of acceptance will be in accordance with library policies, the donor’s intent, and applicable laws.


With the exception of donations of library material, the library will provide a letter to the donor acknowledging the donation. In the case of memorial or tribute donations, a letter will also be provided to a representative of the honored individual, if possible. Generally, acknowledgement letters will be mailed. For the donation of library material, the donor may request a receipt from library staff. Donations to the library may be tax deductible. The library will not provide a valuation for any donated items or goods.

If practical to do so, the library will place a plaque acknowledging a donation on or near the donated item or the item purchased with donated funds. When funds are donated for the purchase of library material in memory or honor of an individual, a bookplate will be applied to each item, if possible.