1.105 Membership in Professional Associations and Conference Attendance

Replaces 11/15/2016

Every library trustee should be a member of the Illinois Library Association (ILA), the American Library Association (ALA) and the divisions of ALA which are of interest to the board.  The library will make payment of these dues for the members with approval by the Board of Library Trustees.

At least once during each term of office, every library board member should attend one of the following: an annual conference of the American Library Association, a Public Library Association national conference, or an Illinois Library Association conference.  Expenses for the trip should be included in the library budget, and the privilege should be rotated among board members from year to year, giving all a part in the educational and professional development benefits of state and national meetings.

Board members are also encouraged to participate in other state and regional conferences and workshops as appropriate and costs associated with attendance may be covered in an amount approved by the board. A roll call vote of the board is required for any reimbursement of travel expenses for trustees in accordance with the Local Government Travel Expense Control Act, 50 ILCS 150/1

Dues for membership in the Illinois Library Association (ILA) and the American Library Association (ALA) and divisions with the most relevancy to the individual staff member’s position with the library may be paid by the library if approved by the executive director.  

Whenever possible, time with pay is allowed to staff members to attend library conferences and other professional meetings. Reimbursement of travel expenses will be made in accordance with the Local Government Travel Expense Control Act, 50 ILCS 150/1. Insofar as possible, those who take an active part in the meetings or are involved in presenting a program or the organization of committee work will be given priority. Requests for permission to attend professional meetings and conferences should be made to the appropriate supervisor with final approval made by the executive director.