2.011 Named Recognition


The Arlington Heights Memorial Library (the library) wishes to recognize individuals, families, businesses, organizations and foundations for outstanding service to the library and for significant financial contributions. This recognition may include naming rooms or spaces in a building, furnishings, equipment or library collections.

A proposal for naming recognition should be submitted to the library’s executive director for consideration by the Board of Library Trustees (the board). Proposals may be submitted through the Arlington Heights Memorial Library Foundation, Friends of the Library, or directly from a potential donor.

The executive director and the board will consider and may approve naming and recognition recommendations with the following understanding:

a. No product logos or commercial signatures are allowed in the design of any named recognition signage;

b. If the name of the recognized individual or entity changes during the duration of the recognition, the library

    shall not bear the expense of altering the recognition signage to reflect the name change;

c. Naming recognition will be acknowledged by way of a designated plaque or nameplate and will be 

    consistent with the library's mission, image, and design requirements;

d. Final approval of signage for named spaces will be made by the library's executive director;

e. The terms and conditions of naming recognition shall be confirmed in writing by a Memorandum of Understanding

     (MOU) signed by the donor and the library;

f. The executive director and the board reserve all rights to decline any gift to the library and/or reject naming 



Timing of Naming Activation

For irrevocable gifts, at the discretion of the board a name may go into effect before the gift is paid in full.

For revocable gifts, a name will not go into effect until the financial commitment by the individual or entity has been honored in full.

An MOU must be signed by the donor and the library before the library issues final approval for a naming opportunity. No publicity about a proposed naming recognition shall be made until a signed MOU is in place.


Naming Formats
Generally, facilities shall be named with a preference for functional designations. Exceptions may be considered in order to honor an individual, foundation or organization for outstanding service to the library and for significant financial contributions. A naming opportunity must be consistent with the library’s mission and goals.

Naming formats will be described in the MOU.


Duration of Naming
Naming is generally granted for the useful life of the room or space, furnishings, equipment or library collection unless otherwise specified in the MOU (and subject to the terms of revocation as set forth in this policy).

For current-use gifts (that is, gifts that can be fully expended), naming terms, including duration, shall be set forth in the MOU.

If circumstances change for a named element or area, e.g., it is significantly altered; is no longer needed/ceases to exist; is replaced; is significantly renovated, or is no longer in use, the board will determine if a continuation of recognition is appropriate.

The board reserves the right to alter or terminate a naming designation under unusual or extraordinary circumstances. Factors to be considered include, but are not limited to:


1. The pledge obligation is unfulfilled and/or written off (if partial funding was received in an amount sufficient for an alternative naming opportunity, the terms of this policy shall govern any renegotiation for a suitable naming).

2. A change in family or organizational circumstances which causes the donor or other affected individual(s)/organization(s) to request a name change or revocation.

3. The name no longer embodies the mission and/or ideals of the library.

The executive director shall be responsible and have authority for developing guidelines and administrative procedures consistent with this policy.

No named recognitions given previously are affected by this policy.




To be considered for this opportunity, candidates must submit:

  • A letter of interest describing how your qualifications and experience meet those required for the position.
  • Resume
  • Complete the attached availability schedule.

This opportunity will remain open for applications until the position is filled. Only electronic submissions will be considered.