The story of King Arthur and his knights
    (2005, original release: 1903)



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Kids' Fiction J/FICTION/PYLE,H Available


New York : Sterling Pub. Co., [2005]
ix, 305 pages : illustrations ; 21 cm
9781402725036, 1402725035, 1402725345, 9781402725340, 9781402725036

Includes: Questions, questions, questions by Arthur Pober, p. 303-305

Book of King Arthur: Winning of kinghood: How Sir Kay fought at London Town, broke his sword, and was given a new sword by Arthur -- How Arthur performed the miracle of the sword and discovered his birthright -- Conclusion -- Winning of a sword: How an injured knight appeared at King Arthur's court, how Griflet tried to help, and how the king was sorely wounded when he went to get revenge for them both -- How Merlin brought King Arthur away from the field of battle, how the king found a noble sword, and how he again fought with it and won that battle -- Winning of a queen: How King Arthur went to Cameliard and disguised himself for a certain purpose and how he fought with the Duke of North Umber -- How King Arthur came across four knights in the forest and how the knights served the Lady Guinevere -- How King Arthur beat King Leodegrance's enemies, and revealed his own royalty -- Conclusion -- Book of three worthies: Story of Merlin: How Morgana le Fay planned evil against King Arthur and sent a young girl to trick the wizard Merlin and how Vivien planned Merlin's downfall -- How Morgana le Fay returned to Camelot with a plan to harm King Arthur and what happened to Sir Accalon -- Story of Sir Pellias: How Sir Pellias took up a quest on Queen Guinevere's behalf, overcame a red knight and did battle with Sir Engamore

A retelling of the adventures and exploits of King Arthur and his knights at the court of Camelot and elsewhere in the land of the Britons


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