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Basic Computer and Tablet Skills

Start here if you have little or no computer experience.

Basic Computer Skills
Improve your basic computer skills by learning the components of a window, how to use a mouse, how to open and close files and more.
Beginners' Internet
In this beginners class earn to use a web browser to surf the internet and find reliable, useful and fun information.
Beginning Computing with Windows 10
Improve your Windows 10 beginning computing skills by learning how to launch programs; create, rename, and delete files or folders; organize your desktop and more.
Buying a New PC or Tablet
Are you in the market for buying a new PC or tablet? Learn about the different parts of the computer, such as the processor, video card, memory, and hard drive and go through the step-by-step process of buying a computer.
Getting Started with Your New Tablet or eReader
Drop in and learn all about what you can do with your new tablet or eReader: free ebooks, movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, magazines, apps and more!
How to Use Your Android Device
Learn how to install apps, manage your device settings, and more. Bring your Android device if you have one.
How to Use Your iPad
Learn to use your tablet’s settings, apps, web browser, and much more. Bring your iPad if you have one.
How to Use Your iPad's Apps
Explore in-depth many of the default apps available on your iPad.  Bring your iPad if you have one. Requirement: Comfortable with the basic functions of an iPad.
Online Privacy
Learn how to safely use the web by using secure passwords, recognizing suspicious emails and websites, adjusting Facebook privacy settings, and avoiding spyware and viruses while online.
Tech Survival Skills
Are you confused by terms like the Cloud, Ethernet and the Internet of Things? Do you want to be as tech-savvy as a ten-year-old? Come learn the ins and outs of modern digital life. This class will cover the underlying concepts and terms that tie together the lives we live on our smartphones, computers, tablets and the web.
Using Your Mac: Basics
Learn all about Mac OS X, from the keyboard and your Apple ID, to launching apps, organizing files and changing settings.
Using Your Mac: iCloud
Familiarize yourself with the most common tasks on a Mac OS X, such as writing email, playing music, working with your calendar and more.

Keeping Current with Technology

Designed for those who are already comfortable using computers and the Internet and want to move beyond the basics.

10 Apps for Business
Learn about 10 great apps for entrepreneurs and small business owners to help with productivity, time management, to-do lists and more.
Backing Up Your Data
Protect your data by learning different methods of backing up to hard drives, flash drives and cloud storage with various software and services.
Backing Up Your Mobile Photos
Is your smartphone cluttered with pictures? Do you want to easily move pictures from your tablet to your computer? We'll show you how to use the Dropbox app to back up your pictures to the cloud and clear some space on your Android, Apple, or Windows device. Bring your mobile device if you have one.
Cord Cutting 101: Exploring Cable Alternatives
Save hundreds of dollars annually by cutting your cable and phone cord! This program will explore cost-effective alternatives to cable (Netflix, Roku, Sling, Roku, Apple TV, Hoopla, etc) and traditional land line phones (mobile, Google Voice, etc).
Creating a Simple Website with
Learn to create a simple blog or website with this free tool. You'll know how to add text, images and video to your site by the end of class.
Creating Online Forms and Sign-ups
Are you tired of sending and tracking “reply all” emails when you need people to donate items for your event? Perhaps you need volunteers to sign-up for a scheduled time. This class will teach you how to create and manage online forms using Google Forms and Sign-up Genius.
Take advantage of this free service to store and share online files (including documents, photos, videos, etc.).
Google Drive Overview
Learn about Google Drive and how to create, store, and share documents, spreadsheets, presentations and forms online.
Introduction to CSS
Interested in learning how to style a website to make it look fantastic? Learning the basics of CSS, cascading style sheets, will help you get started. Requirement: Proficient in using computers, the web, and some knowledge of HTML.
Introduction to HTML
Interested in learning how to build your own website? Learning the basics of HTML, the main markup language for creating websites, will help you get started. Requirement: Proficient in using computers and the web.
Introduction to Javascript
Learn basic programming with JavaScript to get a grasp of what happens under the hood of your browser when navigating the web. This class will cover basic programming concepts and applying them to your website.
Tools for Making a Website
Learn about the different tools and methods available for making various kinds of websites.
Using Adobe Acrobat Pro
Learn to merge and combine PDF's and other file types. E-Signatures, Optical Character Recognition, editing and file protection are addressed as well.
Using Craigslist
Glean tips on buying and selling on Craigslist, one of the Web’s most-visited sites, as well as learn how to be safe and avoid scams.
What You Need to Build Your Own PC
Learn more about the necessary components needed to build your own personal computer.

Microsoft Office

Learn the basics of Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

Excel 2016: Basics
Learn about spreadsheets and how to move within them and the basics of Excel including rows, columns, tabs and more. Basic mouse and keyboarding skills needed. Part of the Microsoft Office series.
Excel 2016: Charts and Graphs
Take an in-depth look at how to use Excel to display data using charts and graphs. Intermediate knowledge of Excel 2010 required. Part of the Microsoft Office series.
Excel 2016: Intermediate
Learn about charts and graphs as well as some commonly used functions for working with data. Working knowledge of Excel 2010 required. Part of the Microsoft Office series.
Excel 2016: Pivot Tables
Learn how to use pivot tables to sort, analyze and summarize data. Intermediate knowledge of Excel 2010 required. Part of the Microsoft Office series.
PowerPoint 2016: Basics
This class covers the basics for developing an interesting presentation. Basic mouse and keyboarding skills needed. Part of the Microsoft Office series.
PowerPoint 2016: Intermediate
Take your PowerPoint skills to the next level; learn how to enhance your presentations with creative effects. Working knowledge of PowerPoint required. Part of the Microsoft Office series.
PowerPoint 2016: Transitions and Animations
Take an in-depth look at how to work with transitions and animations in your PowerPoint presentations. Intermediate knowledge of PowerPoint 2010 required. Part of the Microsoft Office series.
Word 2016: Basics
The class will introduce you to the essentials: all the tabs, especially the File and Home tabs and how to change words on the page. Basic mouse and keyboarding skills needed. Part of the Microsoft Office series.
Word 2016: Intermediate
Learn how to change margins, use bullet points, formatting, tables, templates and more. Working knowledge of Word 2010 is required. Part of the Microsoft Office series.

Creative and Digital Media

Designed for those who are interested in creating and managing videos, music and images. Attendees should be comfortable with basic computing skills.

Digitize Your Records and Cassettes
Learn about converting your old vinyl and cassette tapes and techniques for basic audio cleanup and editing.
Digitize Your Slides and Photos
Learn about scanning your old slides or photos onto a computer and how to add them to the Arlington Heights Home Sweet Home project.
Digitize your Super 8, 8mm and 16mm Films
See how you can digitize your films with the assistance of the library’s staff and equipment. You’ll learn the process of converting your films to a digital video file or to DVD.
Digitize Your VHS and Video Cassettes
Learn to digitize your home movies and VHS tapes. You will be introduced to the Studio, our digital media lab, and learn the process of transferring VHS straight to DVD or to the computer for further editing.
Editing Your Home Movies
Looking to polish the home movies that you’ve digitized? Learn how to edit footage, add transitions, titles and music, and more with iMovie for Mac using the Library’s equipment in the Studio.
Intro to 3D Printing and Computer-Aided Design
In this class you will use TinkerCAD to create a 3D object on the computer to be printed from one of the library’s MakerBot 3D printers.
Intro to Adobe Illustrator
Create graphics and designs from scratch using Adobe Illustrator. The Pen Tool, layers, shapes, lines, colors, gradients, effects and typography will all be covered.
Intro to Adobe InDesign
Upcoming Dates  |  Class Materials 1  |  Class Materials 2 (InDesign CS6 tools panel)
Learn to design layouts for brochures, posters, newsletters and more with Adobe InDesign. You’ll leave familiar with margins & columns, grids, and typography, as well as how to arrange text, photos and graphics on a page.
Intro to Adobe Lightroom
Learn how you can organize and enhance your photos using this Creative Cloud program.
Let’s Photoshop: Combining Photos
Get to know the basics of Adobe Photoshop CC in this hands-on workshop. Learn to hide backgrounds and combine elements from different pictures to create a completed product.
Let’s Photoshop: Fixing Photos
In this hands-on Photoshop CC workshop you'll learn to improve your everyday photos by editing colors, fixing blemishes, and more.
Let’s Photoshop: Seasonal Cards
Get to know the basics of Photoshop CC in this hands-on workshop. You'll learn some quick techniques to turn a photo into a custom card by adding text and other effects.
Oculus Rift: Making Virtual Reality a Reality
Drop in for a hands-on demonstration of the Oculus Rift, a head-mounted virtual reality device. Learn about Oculus Rift hardware, software, and some of the cool things developers are making for it.  Everyone in attendance will get a chance to briefly try it out!
Photo Walk: Using Your Smartphone Camera
Do you want to take awesome pictures with your smartphone camera? A professional photographer will teach you how in this unique workshop as we head outdoors to learn composition and other basic techniques to instantly improve your picture taking skills. Then, we’ll head inside to the Training Center to learn how to use free apps to enhance and share your photos. When you arrive, we’ll meet in the Training Center and head outside together. Please be familiar with your device and know your account information for downloading apps. In case of inclement weather, the photo walk will be held indoors.

Social Media

Designed for those who want to connect with others through social media and social networking communities.

Facebook for Genealogists
Genealogists and family historians are using Facebook, making it a wonderful tool for genealogical research. Come learn how to navigate this social media platform in a focused manner. You might find the solution to that brick wall! Familiarity with existing Facebook account required.
Facebook Marketing for Business
Learn how using Facebook can be an effective marketing tool for your business.
Facebook: Beyond the Basics
This class will cover how to use your Facebook account to connect with others and change your privacy settings. Familiarity with existing Facebook account recommended.
Getting Started with Facebook
This class will explain what Facebook is and cover the basics of creating an account. Facebook account not required.
Getting Started with LinkedIn
Learn what LinkedIn is and the basics of creating an account. We will provide hands on assistance in setting up an account.
Hootsuite: Simplifying Social Media for Business
Learn how to manage and monitor Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram accounts all in one place with an easy browser based tool.
Introduction to Skype
This demonstration will show you how to use Skype to call, see, and message with other people wherever they are.
Pinterest for Business
Learn how to use Pinterest strategically in your branding and social media marketing. Learn how to drive traffic to your website, gain visibility, and establish your expertise. This is a great tool any business can use with a little creative thinking!
Pinterest: How it Works
Do you have a Pinterest account but aren’t sure how to use it? In this hands on class discover how to use Pinterest to its fullest potential to find recipes, organize, redecorate, plan an event and more. An existing Pinterest account is recommended.
Twitter Fundamentals
Understand how to set up a Twitter account, find people and organizations to follow, and use the right tools to integrate Twitter into your daily life.
Using Instagram as a Marketing Tool for Business
Instagram can be a significant part of your social media marketing strategy. We’ll discuss related apps, tools, and insider tips. Bring your tablet or smartphone and set up your account on the spot.
Using the Facebook App
Learn about what you can do using Facebook’s mobile app. An existing Facebook account is required.

Internet and Library Research

Designed for those who want to expand their online research skills using the library’s premium databases and the internet.

Best Travel Websites and Apps
Plan your next trip and save money by using well regarded websites and mobile apps for both iOS and Android.
College Prep Resources for Students and Parents
Free resources to help with testing, finding a college and financial aid.
Facebook for Genealogists
Genealogists and family historians are using Facebook, making it a wonderful tool for genealogical research. Come learn how to navigate this social media platform in a focused manner. You might find the solution to that brick wall! Familiarity with existing Facebook account required.
Finding Your Ancestors Online

Learn to effectively use the Internet to find your ancestors. This  hands-on class will help you understand major online resources, such as Ancestry and Familysearch, to jump start your family history research.
Google Tips and Tricks
Glean tips, tricks, and shortcuts to become a more effective online searcher.
Health Privacy: Tips for Secure Medical Research
Learn how to minimize the threats to your privacy when searching for health information online.
Investment Information 101
An introduction to resources for the casual investor.
Legal Resources for Non-Lawyers
Learn about free databases and resources AHML has to offer to assist in beginning your legal research. Databases covered include Legal Forms, Illinois Legal Aid, Westlaw and more.
Library Resources for Job Seekers
Learn to use the library’s online resources to work on your resume, research employers, and search for jobs.
Locating and Evaluating Doctors Online
Discover library and web resources to find the right doctor for you.
Money Matters: Budgeting
Discover resources for household budgeting, managing debt and protecting your credit.
Resume Resources
Learn how you can use the library’s online resources to improve your resume.
Shop Smarter: Get More Bang for Your Buck!
Learn about resources available through the library that can help you get the best deal on products and services.
Spanish, French or Pirate? How to Learn a New Language
Discover how you can use online resources to learn a new language or improve your existing foreign language skills.
The Best Apps for a Healthy New Year
Learn about a variety of fitness and diet apps to help keep your New Year’s Resolutions going all year.
The Best Cooking Apps and Websites
Learn about the best cooking apps, websites and resources to help search for recipes and keep your recipe collection organized.
Trustworthy Health and Medical Sources
Learn about authoritative sources to find reliable health and medical information online.
Using Your Library Card Online
Learn how to use the AHML website to manage your account, request items, access online databases, and more — 24/7 from the convenience of your own home.
Wellness Series: Nutrition
In this beginners class you will learn about quality resources that can be used to find consumer nutrition information and journal articles on health and nutrition topics.
Where's the Nearest _____ and How Do I Get There? Using Online Map Tools
Online map tools such as Google Maps and Mapquest can not only help you locate nearby businesses and services, they can also show you how to get there by car, public transit, on foot or bike.  Find out how with our library staff.

eBooks and Downloads

Designed for users who want to access the library’s digital eBook, audiobook, music, video and magazine collections from home or on the go.

Digital Magazines for Your Tablet and Computer
Learn how to read popular magazines (cover to cover) on your iPad, Android tablet, smartphone or computer. Please bring your device and know your account information for downloading apps.
Getting Started with Your New Tablet or eReader
Drop in and learn all about what you can do with your new device: free ebooks, movies, TV shows, music, audiobooks, magazines, apps and more!
Hoopla: Streaming TV Shows, Movies, Music and Audiobooks for Your Tablet and Computer
Learn how you can use Hoopla to stream/download popular movies, TV shows, music and audiobooks on iPad/Android tablets, smartphones or your computer.  Please bring your device and know your account information for downloading apps.
How to get eBooks on Your Color eReader/Tablet
Learn how to borrow and read ebooks on your color Nook, Kindle Fire, iPad, Android tablet, or smartphone.  Please bring your device and know your account information for downloading apps.
Let's Talk Library Apps Drop-In
Drop in and join a discussion about library and popular apps. Please bring your device and know your account information if you plan on downloading apps.

Senior Center

Start here if you have little or no computer experience.

Learn the basics of sending and receiving email using Google’s free email software.  In this two-day class designed especially for beginning email users, you will practice sending and receiving messages, add your friends and relatives as contacts, and view attachments. 
Prerequisite:  Introduction to Computers or Mouse & Keyboard Skills
Google Calendar
Use Google’s free Calendar to organize your schedule. Add stand-alone and recurring appointments and get daily email reminders. Share your schedule with family or friends.

Prerequisite: Email 1 or Gmail experience.
A two-session class designed for internet users. Use Google’s Chrome browser to navigate web sites, search for information, print, and incorporate safe internet practices.

Prerequisite: Intro to Computers or Mouse & Keyboards skills.
Intro to Computers
A two-session class for beginning students. This class uses the Windows 10 operating system but is suitable for any beginner using a PC. Learn to use the correct terminology, develop basic mouse skills, play a game, get a taste of the internet, and create your first word processing document.

Prerequisite: None.
iPad & iPhone Photos
Learn to take and edit photos using your iPad or iPhone. Organize your photos in albums and share with friends and family. You can bring your own iPhone or iPad to class.
Prerequisite: iPad Basics or experienced iPhone / iPad user.
iPad / iPhone Basics
In this two-session class, get hands on experience setting up and using an iPad or comparable tablet. Get helpful tips for using standard iPad apps like Mail and Safari. You do not need to own an iPad to take this class, but can bring your own device to use the second week of class.
Prerequisite: None, but Internet helpful.
iPad / iPhone Beyond Basics
In this two-session class, get hands on experience using FaceTime and iMessage to easily communicate with other Apple users. Take notes, use maps, and read books. Customize your iPad settings and use voice commands to operate your iPad or iPhone.

Prerequisite:  iPad Basics or experienced user.
Stock Research & Selection
This two-session class assists you in using internet tools and databases to research and select investments. This is an updated version of our class previously offered as Your Stock Portfolio on the Internet.
Prerequisite: Yahoo Finance and prior investment experience.
Windows 10 Essentials
Two sessions designed for students to expand their knowledge of operating in a Windows 10 environment. This class will help you learn how to find and run programs on your computer and take advantage of new Windows features to find, copy, download, and properly organize your files. This course is structured for those new to Windows as well as experienced users upgrading to Windows 10.
Prerequisite: Intro to Computers or Mouse & Keyboard skills.

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