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This resource offers 1-on-1 online help with math, science, english, social studies and more from 3:00pm to 10:00pm daily. 


*Our top choice for homework and projects:
This resource is awesome with magazine, newspaper and reference articles
for middle school students to undergraduates.
Other Helpful Resources:
Articles from thousands of magazines/journals, covering all topics. Tutorial.
In-depth video tutorials on 40 topics, including MS Office, Windows, MacOS, Photoshop, Garage Band, etc.
A very helpful database containing useful essays, background information, and articles on famous figures
Geared to help middle school students with projects, assignments, and homework.
Geared to help high school students with projects, assignments, and homework.
Encyclopedia of countries, cultures, and current events for students.
Video tutorials on popular technology, web design, social networking, and other topics. For use in the library's Studio only.  From home, try Atomic Training.
Language learning program offering instruction in practical conversation and cultural awareness; includes French, Italian, Spanish, German and more!
Magazine, journal and reference articles on all topics. Tutorial.
Milestone Documents in American History
Famous documents from US History - speeches, treaties, etc.  Great for finding primary sources!
Full-text issues of National Geographic (1880- ) and  National Geographic Traveler (2010- ).  Hundreds of maps, videos and images.
Prepare for standardized (ACT, GRE, SAT, etc.) and job-related tests by taking practice tests and more!
Looking for more resources? Try here!