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This resource offers 1-on-1 online help with math, science, english, social studies and more from 3:00pm to 10:00pm daily. 


*Our top choice for homework and projects:
This resource is awesome with magazine, newspaper and reference articles for students, from middle schoolers to undergraduates. Also available through the Access My Library iPad app.
Other Helpful Resources:
Articles from thousands of magazines/journals, covering all topics. Tutorial.
A very helpful database containing useful essays, background information, and articles on famous figures. Also available through the Access My Library iPad app.
Explore plant & animal life, evolution, genetics, ecology, scientists' biographies and more.
Explore the elements and learn about their properties & uses.
Young adult edition of the world's most famous encyclopedia. Includes a world atlasstate profiles,biographiesand more, as well as "how-to" guides for research projects, presentations, etc.
Magazine, journal and reference articles on all topics. Tutorial.
Milestone Documents in American History
Famous documents from US History - speeches, treaties, etc.  Great for finding primary sources!
Full-text issues of National Geographic (1880- ) and  National Geographic Traveler (2010- ).  Hundreds of maps, videos and images.


Video tutorials on popular technology, web design, social networking, job & career skills, and financial literacy.
Language learning program offering instruction in practical conversation and cultural awareness; includes French, Italian, Spanish, German and more!
Prepare for standardized (ACT, GRE, SAT, etc.) and job-related tests by taking practice tests and more!
Learn web design, coding, mobile app development, and more! Earn points & badges to track your progress. For AHML cardholders only. Also available as an iPad app.
Looking for even more resources? Try here!