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The Possibilities

Posted by jdunc on 11/25/14

The Possibilities, by Kaui Hart Hemmings, provides an intimate look at grief and the journey one must take to return to life after a tragedy. Sarah lost her 22-year-old son, Cully, in a tragic...
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Best to Laugh: A Novel

Posted by jmurrow on 11/22/14

Tapping into her checkered (but legal) past and Minnesotan roots, Loran Landvik’s Best To Laugh is cheerfully outlandish, filled with ambition, love, and some really, really great one-liners.  Sometimes reading almost as an...
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The Birds of Pandemonium

Posted by Ultra Violet on 11/20/14

Hilarious, heart-breaking and inspiring: The Birds of Pandemonium is the story of the Pandemonium Aviaries in Northern California. The founder, Michele Raffin, started by one act of kindness to an injured dove and ended up becoming one of the world’s leading experts on aviculture and the care and breeding of rare and...

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