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In the Stacks: Make 'em laugh: biographies of famous comedians

Posted by jkadus on 04/01/15

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, I thought it might be fun (pun intended) to learn about the lives of some of the ladies and men who had make us snicker, laugh, and even guffaw throughout the years.   Who knows, after reading one of these, YOU may be inspired to release your...
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Life, Loss & Love: 2015's Printz Award Winner

Posted by Trixie on 03/30/15

"I start to run, start to turn into air, the blue careening off the sky, careening after me, as I sink into green, shades and shades of it, blending and spinning into yellow, freaking yellow, then head-on colliding in the punk-hair purple of lupine: everywhere. I vacuum it in, all of it, in, in – (SELF-PORTRAIT: Boy Detonates Grenade...
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Boys in the Boat

Posted by jfreier on 03/26/15

 A moving story of nine members of the U of Washington rowing team who overcame many obstacles and challenges to compete for America in the 1936 Olympics. The story is told through the eyes of Joe Rantz a poor young man who was orphaned twice and must manage to make the team , pay for college...

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