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​The Hunger Games​ - By Suzanne Collins
I read the hunger games in less than a week. I found it so motivating and captivating. One of my favorite things about the book is how strong katniss is. To stand up and offer her life to save her sister's. The things that katniss overcame including the death of her good friend Rue, show she has true inner strength. Peeta is another character that interested  me. when I read about how  he joined the careers I could not stop the rush of emotion!! His true love for Katniss, he almost lost his life for her.
    After I read the book I sat thinking about it for many nights. There are so many details about the book that trigger so many feelings. The Hunger Games, is truly one of the best books I have read In a long time. It is easily my favorite book of all time, I can't wait to read catching fire, I'm sure it will be just as good or even better then hunger games.
Catching Fire​ - By Suzanne Collins
I admired the the first book hunger games so I had to read the second, Catching Fire. I never expected the turn of events that happened. It explains so much about President Snow and how evil he really is. It also really shows how much Peeta loves Katniss  to volunteer to go in the hunger games with her. Catching fire not only makes Katniss look brave, but also independent. All the new characters makes the book more interesting because you don't know what they are like or will do. I especially like Finnick. He seamed very strong and had a great sense of humor. I never expected him to be such a big help in the arena. A lightbulb lit in my head after wiress kept saying "tick tock". I thought that was really clever. Suzanne Collins is definitely one of my favorite authors. Over all, catching fire carried the greatness of Hunger Games to a new level. I can't wait to read more of her books.
​Mocking Jay​ - By Suzanne Collins
Mocking jay is the last book of the hunger games trilioligy and ended it with a bang. Suzanne Collins rapped the whole serous up in one book. After reading mocking jay I could not believe how much has changed in the life of katniss and Peeta. To be honest I liked mocking jay the leased of the series. It was so sad, there was to much death in my opinion. Then again they were in war witch causes a lot of death. I thought it was very smart how they planed to concur each district so that it would cut the capital off. I cried almost every time I started to read the book, expeshaly  how the capital took Peeta away from katniss. I got very confused at the end of the book when there running throw the streets.  I did not under stand why the capital would kill there people just to try to get katniss. The worst part of the book is how prim dies at the end. The whole reason there is the hunger games was to protect prim. Katniss gave her life for her and snow didn't even kill her coin did! I could not believe katniss would vote for another hunger games, that's so not like her.even if mocking jay was sad and not my favorite of the series it has a amazing end to the book. Even out of every thing katniss and peeta went  throw they still end up with a great life together. Mocking jay might not be my favorite of the series but it is still one of my favorite books.

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Congratulations to Anders for his hilarious and highly entertaining film, Titanic 2 Trailer'!  Good luck not laughing.



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The 6th A.H. Teen Film Fest is in the books!  So many great films (27 total submitted!) and a great showing of 22 of the films at the screening at the Metropolis Theatre (thanks again, Metropolis!). Check out three of our winners for Best Cinematography, Best Music Video and Best Acting in a Film below!  The Best Overall film, Best Horror Film and Best Use of an Arlington Heights Landmark winners can be found by 'Like'-ing us on Facebook. Be sure and watch those films there!

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Ian's 'Time Lapse Suburbia'

BEST MUSIC VIDEO: Rosa's 'Original Song - Just Another Face'

BEST ACTING IN A FILM: Daniel's 'Imaginary Warfare'


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​The House on the Gulf​ - by Margaret Peterson Haddix

Margaret Peterson Haddix's The House on the Gulf presents an interesting mystery from the point of view of a girl who thinks her brother has something to hide. Britt is an average thirteen year old girl living with her older brother and her mother, who attends college. Britt's brother, Bran, gets a job house sitting for a family thats out of town. It sounds like a good deal, and almost too good to be true for the family who isn't used to having such accommodations. But as Bran's behavior becomes more strange, Britt's convinced that not everything is normal. As she starts coming across curious pieces of evidence and discussions within the neighborhood, her doubts about her brother take full shape, and ultimately turn into a scheme that she couldn't see coming. The twist near the end of the book make it a confusion for the average teen reader as it makes you rethink and reread parts of the book for it to make sense. I would give this book a 3 star rating as it starts of well and gets u suspended on it and then drops your interest in reading it once you hit the sudden twist as the rest of the book is pretty much predictable.


Closed for the Season​ - by Mary Downing Hahn

Closed for the season is a very interresting book is a very fast read and you just get hooked on it its a mystery book about a kid named Logan and his family who just move to this old house where an old lady had been murdered. Logen then met another kid named Arthur who apparently witnessed the murder and lived right next door to him. At first Logan thought that Arthur was this lame kid who is crazy and he used to by a nerd boy in his old school so Logan wanted to started a new life and get friend but the they started to look into the story of how the old lady died because a reporter came to town to write the story in how that crime was never solved and the boys found a note of Mrs. Donaldson in the attic that said that someone rob for many years magic forest and she know who it was at she took the case full of money and hid some where and it was were she used to play with her daughter violent in the magic forest and before she said of the name it stop writing like someone stop her and that how the mystery started and the main suspected was Silas, violet's boyfreind and father of Danny this bully in school at they end the mystery is solve the people who stold the money and who killed the old lady, and the accused went to jail and Arthur and Logan were heroes just before school started


Thanks for the reviews Dennis!

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A Long Way Gone: Memoirs of a Boy Soldier - by Ishmael Beah

"A Long Way Gone was a very good book that really opened my eyes to what was going on and what being a boy solder was like. It is a great read that really showed me what boy soldiers were going through."

Reviewed by Claire.


Pretty Little Liars - by Sara Shepard

"This is a really good book. It talks about how 4 girls who used to be friends aren't after Ali's mysterious disappearance. They are receiving letters from someone named A. Who is A? And who killed Ali?"

Reviewed by Elizabeth.


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We have our winners for the Read Eat Repeat Give-Away! Congratulations to Michelle V. and Olivia S. They will each receive a $25 gift card to Mariano's Fresh Market!

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June was an interesting month for D.I.Y. we created elegant chandeliers made entirely from office supplies! If you missed out on the program here's a link with some instructions to help you get started creating your very own paperclip chandelier!



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Hunger Games--Catching Fire by Suzanne Collins:
Catching Fire was my favorite of the three books, because had a well written plot and a deep meaning. This books demonstrates the power in the capitol and foreshadows the rising of a rebellion. The whole series was very suspensulful keeping readers off the edge of their seat and allowing readers to read on and find out what happens. In Catching Fire, she allows good things to happen to the Katniss and Peeta, the maincharacters, but many unfortunate things happen as well. At the end of this book, it leaves a strong cliffhanger causing readers to read the next book.

Percy Jackson--Book 1:
I really enjoyed this first book, because it contained a lot of action. I am usually not too much into action, but this book was a good read. It was a great introduction to Greek Mythology. I learned so much about this subject just by reading this book. While reading this book as Percy was on his mission, I could feel as I was with him. I kept wanting to read and find out what happend to him. Also the suspense that the prophecy gave him foreshadowed the result of his mission knowing that prophecies are often misleading. I really liked this book and suggest it to anyone who likes Greek mythology and action.


Thanks Michelle for the reviews!

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cover"Clean by Amy Reed has everything I like to read about. It has relationship struggles, anorexia, drugs, abuse, etc. It is about a group of teens trying to get through rehab. I liked it because it was sort of like Ellen Hopkins writing, where there are many perspectives and you get to read about each teens experience in rehab. I would highly recommend this book because I couldn't put it down!

Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson is a very good book. I checked this book out because I had just finished Wintergirls by the same author. I liked the way it was written, in very short chapters. This story is about a girl overcoming raoe and trying to fit in her freshman year of high school. This book was very suspenseful because it hinted throughout the entire book what happened to her, but never told you until the end of the book. The ending was very surprising, and she has to face her biggest fear. Overall, I would give this book a very good rating." Book reviews by Olivia

Nice reading and reviewing!

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I read the book Legend by Marie Lu. The story was about the 2 narrators, Day (Daniel) and June, and their futuristic lives in L.A. You follow the two of them through times that weren't expected and reveal secrets left behind for only one persons eyes. This fast paced story was near impossible to put down. I recommend this book to those who read the Hunger Games because they seem very similar in many ways.

I read Maniac Magee by Jerry Spinelli. This story follows a orphan boy named Jeffery through a tough time period. He meets people no one ever though he would, went through hard times, befriended "blacks" even though he thought the color of their skin was more of a chocolate brown, and came out a hero. This book was not my favorite and I couldn't categorize who would personally like it. 

I read the story Star Girl by Jerry Spinelli. It is a story a strangely different high school girl and her life being an outcast. As a boy falls for her she changes her ways and people give her the silent treatment. What will she do to keep him talking to her???

Thanks for the reviews, Danielle!