Posted by mkrueger on 01.11.13

The drawings below were created by artist Christophe Louis. Each drawing consists of a single line that captures familiar pop culture icons wonderfully. Some of Louis' work covers Darth Vader, Batman, Doctor Who, and a number of others. I've made a game of it by showing people the drawing and having them guess which characters belong to which movie!
You can view more of Christophe Louis' work by clicking HERE.

Posted by mkrueger on 01.04.13

You've all seen this joke in cartoons, Bugs Bunny or Donald Duck captures a voice or sound in a bottle, reopen the bottle later, and hear the sound play back. Well Jun Fujiwara took this idea and created the Re: Sound Bottle. The bottle begins recording once the cork stopper is removed and finishes once the cork is placed back in. What makes the Sound Bottle even more interesting is that multiple sounds can be recorded and are automatically arranged into a musical piece. The only downside I could see would be the strange looks you would receive while whistling, stomping, or clapping in front of an "empty" bottle.

Posted by mkrueger on 12.28.12

This is a really interesting video, courtesy of TEDEd, it discusses common themes found in some of your favorite books like The Hobbit, The Hunger Games, and Harry Potter. The video also asks, and answers, the question "What do ordinary people have in common with these literary heroes?" This is a must watch if you're a fan of the books above or any epic in general!

Posted by mkrueger on 12.19.12

Recently we ran the DIY: Stylus program. This project is insanely easy and you'll end up with a Smartphone stylus that works just as well as anything you could buy online! Below is a video tutorial on how to build your own. Also included are some suggested apps to try out your stylus with.

Draw Something - Everyone's heard of this one. This game is similar to Pictionary. There are both a free and paid version of this app. If you've never played it, what are you waiting for? Try it out!
Spray Can - Awesome app that lets you tag the sides of trains, brick walls, and all other Graffiti "canvases". This app is completely free and also allows you to post your artwork to an online community for critiques.

Brushes - For those of you that enjoy painting but hate all the mixing and mess involved, you're in luck! With this app you can create amazing paintings by using a variety of different types of brushes and even creating your own.

SketchBook MobileX - This app, created by Autodesk, is a fantastic program to . . . well, sketch. Regardless, this is a pretty great app for doodling and it gives you a lot of options. Similar to Brushes, you can create your own brush patterns anyway you like.
DoInk - DoInk is a ton of fun. Here's the catch, it costs $5, but it is worth every penny. Since downloading this I have played with this app at great length. DoInk allows you to draw frame by frame animations, and then you can drag and drop your animations into scenes. Best of all there's virtually NO learning curve. I would recommend this program for anyone that loves drawing and animation and would like to experiment with it!

Posted by tspicer on 12.13.12

Check out this awesome Prezi our MANGA expert Sonya Hill put together. In the words of Ace Ventura, Pet Detective: "Go ahead, snoop around"!

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This month we ran Manga Central, you can view a video of the program here. If you missed the program, don't worry about it! Posted below are some links to some of the projects we made during the event.

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One of my all time favorite sites, Instructables, hosted a competition several months ago for a Make It Real Challenge. The video below was one of the entires and it has completely blown my mind. Using a series of photos, the creator of this project 3D modeled and 3D printer a missing piece of a step on a sandstone staircase. However, there's a twist to what he created.

Posted by mkrueger on 11.30.12

This project got a good laugh out of me. It's a security system using a couple of iPhones and an old painting to create the creepy paintings that follow you like in Scooby Doo cartoons. Check out the video of it below!

Posted by mkrueger on 11.21.12

I'm sure any librarian would look at Brian Dettmer's art and think he committed a heinous crime. Brian's art is known for it's alteration of pre-existing media. Old cassette tapes, record albums, however a lot of his work primarily focuses on books.
While in college Brian worked in a sign shop and began experimenting using torn up news paper, and book pages, by layering the ripped out pieces. This was the beginning of his creation process that sparked the idea for the work he is known for.
The process begins with choosing an old book, books range from dictionaries, encyclopedias, art books, science books, and a variety of others. The book is sealed and then cutting begins. The cuts are not strategically planned and the exposed portions of the books have never been moved, they remain where they were originally printed.
I for one love his work, if you too have enjoyed this artist's creations click HERE to see more of his work.

Posted by mkrueger on 11.16.12

You may have finger painted in kindergarten but this artist has taken it to an insane level. Judith ann Braun is the artist's name and she created this staggering 12 feet x 48 feet landscape using only charcoal and her fingertips. The landscape titled Diamond Dust can be seen at the Chrysler Museum of Art in Norfolk Virginia until January 2013. So if you find yourself out there, go take a look!
The piece was done as a live public viewing over the course of a week, and was also broadcast via webcam. Check out the photos below! 
You can view more of this artist's work at her website by clicking the link here.