Posted by meyoung on 07/03/17

Volunteer up in here! Create cat toys and we’ll donate them to animal shelter. By doing this, you’ll get one step closer to finishing our Summer Reading Program. We have two different designs for you to create. Make a puff ball; make a braided toy; make both. Stop by right meow!
- One old shirt (we have scraps at the desk)
- Scissors
1. Cut the shirt into skinny strips. There will be a lot; we know
2. Separate out one strip – this will be what you use to tie it all together
3. Bundle the rest of the strips all together. (Some of the strips might have folds on one end. That’s ok.)
4. Tie them all together with the strip you separated out.
5. Cut the folded strips to make more fringe ends
6. Give your completed toy back to the HUB desk
- Old old shirt (yep, we still have scraps at the desk)
- Scissors
1. Cut the shirt into skinny strips
2. Take four of the strips (or more)
3. Gather up the ends of the strips you’re going to use and tie a knot
4. Braid, knot, wind, weave, the strips together
5. Knot the end, but make sure there’s a lot of fun fringe for the kitty to play with
6. Give your completed toys to the HUB desk

Posted by meyoung on 06/19/17

Here's another opportunity for you to fulfill your volunteer step in the Summer Reading Program. We're making sleeping mats out of plastic bags, and then donating them to homeless shelters. Come on over to the HUB and we'll get you started!
Materials Needed: 
 - Plastic Bags (Lots and lots of plastic bags)
 - Scissors
How to make Plarn (Plastic Bag Yarn)
1. Lay bag flat
2. Cut off the bag
3. Cut off the handles. (Cut all the way across)
4. Squish together to make a loop

**Pro tip: You can cut more than one bag at a time**

How to Continue a Started Mat (Start at 10:27)
1.  Curve braided end so that you’ll be working side-by-side with the already completed row
2. Take your weaver (this is the plarn that was not included in the braid) and weave over the plarn that it’s closest to, under the next, and then over and around the last one.
3. Keep your weaver moving by going back toward the completed row (over the first and under the last one)
4. Find an opening in the completed row and pull your weaver through
5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you reach the same length as the completed rows.
6. When you get the length you want, weave your weaver away from the completed rows (do not weave back in)
7. With the weaver separated, braid the remaining three plarn 6 times. You just finished a row!

**If your plarn is getting short, attach a new plarn by tying a knot (start at 4:07)**
Of course, if you need help, stop by the desk!

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Part of our Summer Reading Program includes volunteer projects! Come to the HUB to get volunteer credit, and make a toy for a doggo or pupper at a shelter.
Materials:  One Old T-Shirt
1. Cut the shirt underneath the arms (about 18 inches from the bottom hem), all the way across length-wise
2. Discard the top part of the shirt in the Discard Bin at the HUB desk
3. Cut your block of fabric into four equal strips
4. Cut your strips, so they are no longer loops. You should now have four longer strips of shirt
5. Gather your strips together and tie a knot at one end
That was all prep work. Now the weaving begins!

1. Hold your chew toy so the knot is at the bottom and the strips are dangling over it.
2. Take two strips that are opposite sides and make a bridge over the knot. (Pro tip: It helps if you make the bridge semi-small and hold on to these strips.) You should have two strips that are dangling on the side that you have not touched yet.
3. Take one of the dangling strips and we are going to weave through the bridge. Go over the first, and under the second. Pull through.
4. Take your last remaining strip and do the same thing. We are going to weave through the bridge. Go over the first, and under the second. Pull through.
5. Pull all strips to tighten. It should look like a box when you look at it from the top.
6. Repeat steps 2-5 until strips become short.
7. Tie a knot to finish your toy