Our Culture

We want to amaze our customers, so every day we work towards ensuring:
  • Services are easy to use.
  • Fewer rules = better.  “Of course we can” is the best response to deliver personal service to our customers.
  • Every staff member is a creative problem solver, who takes responsibility to satisfy a customer’s request.  Every staff member is knowledgeable about the whole library and who to go to for help to resolve the problem when s/he can’t do it alone. 
  • Everyone is a library ambassador.  Leaders in the library (by the value they add, not by their titles) are integrated in the community.
  • Every staff member is actively involved in the daily business of the library.  Ideas and input are heard, so better decisions are made.  As situations change, we adjust.
  • We encourage experimentation.  There are no penalties for taking a reasonable risk.
  • We confront tough issues head on.  Unraveling years of “just having done it this way” can be daunting.   While managing our resources responsibly, we don’t shy away from hard problems that need solving. We are ambitious about tackling big goals.
  • We will lead changes that benefit our customers.  We don’t change for the sake of being trendy. We will continue to pursue the right solutions for our customers’ needs and interests.
  • AHML is a really busy place. We have to be efficient so we can be effective.  There are a lot of us.  So we have to be very thoughtful and organized about how we work and communicate with each other.
  • We behave with integrity and the highest ethics. We trust and respect each other.
  • We’re proud to work here.  Everybody knows your name.  We smile at each other, and it’s genuine.  We’re friendly.  We laugh with our coworkers every day.  Every interaction, however brief, is positive, helpful, fun.   It’s almost magic.
  • We are honest and direct with each other.  We enjoy working collaboratively; we’re not territorial. 
  • We expect the best from everyone.  Those who embrace our culture will be successful and happy here. 
  • We share as much information as we can, so everybody has the opportunity to feel as connected as possible.   Even when we don’t understand a decision that was made, we support it, because we know it was arrived at honestly. 
  • We are committed to ongoing coaching and development for everyone.  Learning on the job takes place every day.
  • We celebrate achievements:  ourselves, each other, our teams.
  • Everybody needs work-life balance.  Work smart.  Play smart.
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