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In order to complete the Make it program, we gave you the option of submitting 3 short book reviews to us via email.  We really enjoyed all the reviews that were sent to us, and we just had to share some of them!  School has started, but don’t stop reading for fun!  Use this selection of book reviews written by your friends, classmates and fellow AH teens to help you find your next great read:
Seizure by Kathy Reichs 
The sequel to the novel Virals, this book continues the adventures of Tory Brennan and her friends in Charleston, South Carolina. In Virals, Tory, Ben, Hi, and Sheldon caught a parvovirus containing wolf DNA (a fatal disease pertaining to dogs that includes vomiting, severe diarrhea, and depression and accompanied by high fever and loss of appetite) that infects humans while trespassing into a private lab in the complex their parents work in. After days of intense sickness, the group realizes that when very emotional, they can flare and have wolf-like instincts and powers. After defeating a powerful enemy, Tory and the pack have a different adventure in Seizure. Loggerhead Island, the place their parents work at, is millions of dollars low on funding and the wildlife and nature are in danger of being sold to land developers; their parents losing their jobs in the process and moving elsewhere. Desperate to stay together, Tory and the pack hear about legendary pirate Anne Bonny’s treasure said to be worth millions. Using their canine abilities, the teens search for the buried treasure against dangerous competitors, risking their own lives and their secret powers. It’s up to them to save Loggerhead Island and stay together as a pack.
The Rules – Project Paper Doll by Stacey Kade 
All her life, Ariane Tucker has lived under the rules that supposedly protect her from GTX, the genetic lab from where she has escaped, with her adopted father. Under a false name, Ariane is not who she seems to be. Beneath the fake blue contacts, she is actually a foreign alien and human mix of DNA. Her powers still hidden, Ariane struggles to follow the rules and hide from her peers. However, when seeking vengeance against the queen bee and granddaughter of the doctor of GTX, Rachel Jacobs, Ariane breaks the rules by falling in love and has many close calls being caught by the evil experimenters. But in the end, she is betrayed by people she wouldn’t expect
Abandon by Meg Cabot
Pierce Oliviera is no normal 17 year old girl. If you survived a near death experience (NDE) would you? Trying to find a new start on the island of her mother’s birth, Pierce knows she can’t run from a mysterious figure from her supposed childhood fantasies. A death deity seems to follow her around, and is the cause of her coming back to life. But was it worth her parents divorce and relocating to a new home? Pierce falls in love but is faced with a mystery: who else is following her around? And should she go back into the land of the dead? This story is similar to the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades.
All reviews by Hannah X.
Maximum Ride – The Angel Experiment by James Patterson
In this book mutant kids who have DNA of birds in their jeans. They live in a safe house in Colorado staying away from the maniacal scientists who created them and tested them for years. When they are found, their youngest member Angel is kidnapped. The book follows Maximum Ride in her quest to find Angel and bring her home safely.
7 Habits of Highly Effective Teenagers by Sean Covey
This book teaches you how to live your life in the best way possible. The habits are: 1. Be proactive. 2. Begin with the end in mind 3. Put the first things first 4. Think win win 5. Seek first to understand, then to be understood 6. Synergise 7. Renew. They really inspire me and I read the book repeatedly.
Both reviews by Patrick F.

After Ever After by Jordan Sonnenblick (who will be visiting the Hub on September 3rd!)
This book is about how Jeffrey, a cancer survivor, struggles to pass eighth grade. Due to the medicine he was taking during cancer treatment, he sometimes has trouble learning and listening in class.  His best friend, Tad, who is still in treatment for cancer decides to tutor Jeffrey. But Jeffrey will only do it if, during gym class, Jeffrey can help to get Tad to walk across the stage at graduation. Jeffrey's brother Steven, the one person who Jeffrey has always supported him is now in Africa because he needed time off from college.  Will Jeffrey pass the eighth grade?  Will Jeffrey's supporters come through for him?
I recommend this book to people who like realistic novels with tragedy and comedy.   
Review by Jack S.


A Tale Dark and Grimm by Adam Gidwitz
I loved it. I thought I was actually in the story when I was reading it. The adventures the characters had were full of details that were gruesome.  Also I loved how the author put in side comments that were really funny. The book I read is full of gore and adventure. I think this is a book for teenagers, unless you really a want little kid having nightmares. I would give this book a 100/100 because it had all the things I'm looking for. Detail, adventure, and a lot of grimm.
Review by Katie S.

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Now here is an oddity. A question for the zombie philosophers. What does it mean that my past is a fog but my present is brilliant, bursting with sound and color? Since I became Dead I’ve recorded new memories with the fidelity of an old cassette desk, faint and muffled and ultimately forgettable. But I can recall every hour of the last few days in vivid detail, and the thought of losing a single one horrifies me. Where am I getting this focus? This clarity? I can trace a solid line from the moment I met Julie all the way to now, lying next to her in this sepulchral bedroom, and despite the millions of past moments I’ve lost or tossed away like highway trash, I know with a lockjawed certainty I’ll remember this one for the rest of my life.

In Issac Marion’s Warm Bodies, readers follow R, zombie protagonist, through a post-apocalyptic, American city. R suffers from the usual characteristics associated with zombies: his body is rotting away; he likes to dine on humans, particularly their brains; he has no memory, no identity. However, unlike the zombie archetype, R longs for something more than brains. He is pensive and looking for a deeper existence for his recently converted zombie persona. Enter Julie a tough, fun-loving human trying to survive and make the best of the dystopia that has become her reality. Together, they explore and exercise their existential beliefs. Overcoming trials and tribulations, they work together to precipitate change and hopefully, save the world.

Warm Bodies is a hilarious retelling of the classic Romeo and Juliet love story. R(omeo) is an endearing, likeable character. His narration, which is mostly through thoughts since his zombie speaking skills are lacking, is genuine and poignant. Readers get an honest view of what's on his mind, his feelings of loss and longing. Julie(t), daughter of the general  tasked with keeping the living safe from zombies, serves as a perfect foil. She is fearless, not afraid to speak her mind and even challenges her father when they disagree. Marion tells an unlikely zombie tale, one where the “happy ending” doesn’t involve extermination of the undead. If you’re looking for a heartwarming book, creative/unique zombie tale, or enjoy classic retellings, this book is for you!

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Make It Summer 2013
*Cue Epic Music*
It's time, ladies and gents.  It's time to announce... THE RAFFLE WINNERS FOR MAKE IT: SUMMER 2013!
Many of you took on the Make It challenge, many of you even completed your MakerPads and received a coveted rubber duckie, but only four of you lucky Finishers were destined to have your raffle ticket pulled from the pile.
Before you scroll down to see if you've won (although I'm almost certain you already did... tsk-tsk), know that everyone did a great job this summer and we hope you had a blast completing your MakerPads!
OK.  Onto the good stuff...

And the WINNERS are...

Miranda Luebke

Emma Mrozinski

Jack Schafer

James Schmidt

CONGRATS! Come on by The Hub and pick up a $50 Gift Certificate for either Maker SHED or ETSY. We have 2 Maker SHED and 2 ETSY Gift Certificates, so whoever comes in first gets their pick!
Hope to see you all in The Hub during this school year! Have a great first day of classes!  May you be as happy as Loki riding in the back of a car!
programs, srp

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What a night last night at our 7th Annual Teen Film Fest!!  Such great films and shown to a PACKED HOUSE!  Oh yes, indeed!  Without further ado, here are the winners!
BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Robert Kraybill for his film 'Ouija'
BEST MUSIC VIDEO: Lynnette Hartwell for her film 'One Way Ticket'
BEST ACTION VIDEO: Luke Mayo for his film 'Artifact'
BEST COMEDY: Abby Anderson for her film 'Alice the Fairy'
AUDIENCE FAVORITE: Robert Kraybill for his film 'Ouija'
and the best OVERALL FILM was awarded to Riley Langefeld for his masterpiece 'Symphony'!!!
Congratulations to all!  Here is a link to all the films submitted and don't forget ...the library's  OPEN HOUSE event tomorrow, Sunday the 18th, from 1-3 pm, will have all of the films played in the HUB on a flat screen!

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Any avid gamers out there?  Well you may like to play video games and you may even boast a high score or two, but have you ever thought about how video games are made?  Better yet, have you ever considered making one of your own?
At Saturday's DIY program, a group of teens had a chance to make their own video games using a software called Construct 2.  We met up in the library's Training Center and created a simple game using the software together.  Afterwards, the teens had time to make whatever modifications and additions they wanted — effectively creating some seriously bizarre and fun games that other attendees got to try out.
Want a shot at making your own video game?  Download the software we used onto your Windows PC and take a look at this tutorial that'll go through the steps to get you started!
Below is a short clip of a teen playing the game he created.  And yes, that's a unicorn shooting a laser out of its horn.
If you're really interested in making video games in the future (maybe even as a CAREER!), you might be interested in checking out this book from our collection!

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Colin and Robert, two AHML Film Fest entrants were on the ABC 7 News this morning! Did you see it? Never fear, you can watch the segment right here:
It was really fun to visit the ABC 7 studios in downtown Chicago. I watched Weather Woman Tracy Butler get her make-up on for the morning news. We hung out in the Green Room, where everyone signs the walls that they've been there and been on the news. I chatted briefly with Judy Hsu and Hosea Sanders, who are both really nice!
We decided to take some pics while we hung out in the Green Room, waiting, waiting. No biggie!  
I wanted to capture what it was like behind the scenes so I took this quick pan of the studio.  Not the greatest footage in the world, but hopefully it gives you an idea of what it's like to be there while they are filming the news! 
Make sure to attend the Teen Film Festival at the library THIS FRIDAY NIGHT! @ 7PM.  All ages welcome.  Also, don't miss the awesome After-Party we're having in The Hub (just for Teens). Free Yogurtland, games, and photobooth will be in full effect!  

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Yesterday, the Hub welcomed local author Leslie Stella for a discussion on writing and her new young adult (YA) book Permanent Record. Leslie, an Ohio native that currently lives in the Chicago-area, has written three adult novels and recently published her first YA novel. Permanent Record, set in Chicago, follows teenage, Iranian-American Badi/Bud through his transition to a new high school. Want to learn more about the book? We have copies that you can check out or read a couple of staff reviews: Trixie’s & Joe's.
Leslie read from the novel (“A live eBook!” one of the teens exclaimed) and answered attendees’ specific questions about it. We had a lively discussion related to the some of the major themes of the novel: racism, coping with anxiety, and friendship. We also got to pick Leslie’s brain about inspiration for her novels and writing process. Keep an eye on her Twitter feed for her Permanent Record “soundtrack.”
Her best piece of advice for an aspiring writer (paraphrased): Write the story that you want to read, not what you think others want to read. Chances are that if you love it, there are other people out there that will love it too.
Tessa & Leslie and Tessa's autograph from Leslie
Leslie was also a founding editor of Lumpen a counterculture magazine that is based in Chicago. After the discussion, Leslie talked to us about zines as well as zine-making and distributing. We spent the rest of the program making our own zines!
My zine, Sights & Sounds for a Golden Glow, a work in progress!
Want to learn more about zines or make your own? Come to the Hub! We have all of the supplies and even have some of the goodies left over from the program so you can take home a zine from Quimby’s!
Goodies Leslie brought for the program!
If you can’t get enough of Leslie’s writing, check out The Easy Hour. She suggested this title for teens interested in reading more of her work.

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This past Saturday, a group of brave teens joined us for Super Awesome Action Hero, a teen program where we highlighted some of the different ways to create special effects for movies.  At the program, they made their debut in front of The Studio's green screen, used an app called Action Movie FX (if you have a mobile iOS device, GET THIS APP!), and used iMovie to edit the whole thing!
What's great about special effects (especially green screening) is that you can create some seriously awesome, wacky shots — you can potentially be anywhere and do anything that your budget of $0 may not allow you to do otherwise. Behold...the inspired, action-packed, hilarious, and strange videos from our program!
If you're a teen filmmaker or are interested in teen films, you should totally come to the A.H. Teen Film Fest on August 16th.  Submissions for the film fest (including emailing us the link to your film and sending in your form entry) are due this Friday the 9th!  There'll be an after party just for teens from 7-9 p.m. and it'll be a blast!  To find out more, click here!

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ATTENTION: Strange Rubber Duckies in Need of Adoption!! 
Take one home today!!
Have you earned your crazy rubber ducky and a chance to win a $50 gift card to either Etsy or Maker Shed?  Well, you better hurry! 
There are still plenty of opportunities to earn your stamps and finish the program!  
For instance:   
  1. There is still room in the the DIY Movie Props program tomorrow (Tuesday 8/7) at 1:00.  BAM - Filmmaker Stamp!
  2. Come to hear Leslie Stella and make a cool 'zine on Wednesday (8/8) at 1:00PM.  BOOM - Book Reviewer  Stamp!
  1. Taken a cool photo lately?  Got something to say in 140 characters or less?  Tag #hub500 on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.  SNAP - Online Connector Stamp!
See, easy peasy.  Now hurry before it's too late!! 

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During the month of July, we held a photo scavenger hunt so we could see how you've been spending the summer. In a nutshell, we provided ten prompts for you to creatively interpret and share with us! Without further ado, here are the winners. All of them posted to Instagram so you can check out their photography and follow them if you like what you see!
Congratulations to all of our winners and thank you for sharing your photos! Come into the Hub to claim your prize.
diana7198 - Something that reflects
jessica61098 - Hanging upside down
graceful_photography - A race or racetrack
carols_photos - A race or racetrack (video interpretation)