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Path to Career Readiness

Self-paced, self-directed set of online and in-library activities designed to help new and returning job seekers develop effective resumes/cover letters, interview skills and workplace competencies.

Arlington Heights cardholders only


Additional content available through the end of the school year: Dinosaurs, Spanish-language content, and "read more" links to eBooks at the end of each article.

Simple articles for young readers. Special sections on Animals, Biography, Science and Social Studies.

Physical Review Journals

Published by the American Physical Society. High-end journals on physics, astrophysics, optics, etc.

Plunkett Research

Industry statistics trends and company analysis.

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Choose from thousands of U.S. and international newspapers and magazines on your PC or mobile device.

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Prices for Antiques (P4A)

Antiques collectibles and fine art database of U.S. auction prices.


U.S. citizenship preparation course from the makers of the Pronunciator language-learning product.


Lessons in over 80 languages, focusing on pronunciation. Also, teaches English from 50 source languages.

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Proquest Digitized Newspapers: Chicago Tribune

Full-page scans of recent Chicago Tribune issues (2008-3 months ago).

Proquest Digitized Newspapers: New York Times

Full-page scans of recent NY Times issues (2008-3 months ago).

Proquest Digitized Newspapers: Wall Street Journal

Full-page scans of recent Wall Street Journal issues (2008-3 months ago).

ProQuest Newsstand / Global Newsstream

Access Chicago Tribune (1963-present), Wall Street Journal (2009-present), New York Times (1980-present), Boston Globe (1987-present), and more.

Public Records

Home sales business licenses foreclosures and bankruptcies. Now includes access to CheckIllinois (quick searching by personal/business name, across communities and record types).