7.021 Makerspace Kitchen


The primary purpose of the makerspace kitchen is for library programs, including access to hands-on instruction. In addition, providing rental opportunities which help launch new food businesses, culinary education, non-profits, individuals and groups that support the library’s mission to fulfill the knowledge, information, enrichment, entertainment and cultural engagement needs of our community members.


1. All users of the makerspace kitchen must complete the Makerspace Kitchen Waiver form before attending library culinary programs or renting the kitchen.

2. Use of the makerspace kitchen outside of library-delivered culinary programming or kitchen rental is prohibited unless approved by the library administration.

3. Culinary instructors contracted by the library and all renters will meet requirements determined by the library.

4. The library reserves the right to limit culinary program registration to cardholders, to limit the number of program registrations per person, and to institute material fees for participation in makerspace kitchen programs.


1. All makerspace kitchen use shall be compliant with library policies and not violate federal, state or local laws; failure to abide may result in cancelation or refusal of future registrations and reservations.

2. Library-sponsored activities, classes, and programs have priority use of the makerspace kitchen.

3. Issues, accidents or injuries must be reported immediately to makerspace staff.

4. Alcohol may not be served or consumed during or in conjunction with use of the makerspace kitchen unless approved by the library administration and in accordance with local and state laws.


1. Private kitchen rental is available to users over the age of 18 with priority given to Arlington Heights Memorial Library cardholders, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

2. Price structure, fees and requirements for rental are reflected in the Makerspace Kitchen Rental Agreement and may be modified at any time.

3. Items, including food and food products, may not be stored in the makerspace kitchen outside of the scheduled rental period; the kitchen should be left in the same condition as upon arrival.

4. If circumstances warrant, the Arlington Heights Memorial Library reserves the right to refuse, cancel or reschedule any scheduled kitchen rental.



To be considered for this opportunity, candidates must submit:

  • A letter of interest describing how your qualifications and experience meet those required for the position.
  • Resume
  • Complete the attached availability schedule.

This opportunity will remain open for applications until the position is filled. Only electronic submissions will be considered.