7.020 Makerplace - Public Use


The Arlington Heights Memorial Library’s Makerplace is a flexible, participatory environment where users can gain access to the latest technology to encourage life-long learning, entrepreneurship and empowerment through creation. It offers a wide array of hands-on opportunities and facilitates the sharing of space, equipment and resources for a diverse community in accordance with the library’s mission to fulfill the knowledge, information, enrichment, entertainment and cultural engagement needs of our community members.


1. Users must be 12 years of age or older to be in the Makerplace without a responsible caregiver. Users under the age of 12 must be accompanied and monitored at all times by a responsible caregiver or library staff during a scheduled program or event.

2. Users of the Makerplace must adhere to Arlington Heights Memorial Library policies and obey all local, state, and federal laws when using the space. The library reserves the right to terminate usage privileges of any person in violation of these policies.

3. Issues, accidents, or injuries must be reported immediately to Makerplace staff.

4. Library-sponsored activities, classes, and programs have priority use of the spaces.

5. Use of the flex spaces and kitchen must adhere to the applicable policies, waiver forms, and rental agreements.

6. Organizations or individuals may not use any Makerplace facilities for ongoing operational activities. 


1. Select tools will require a completed waiver form and/or in-house competency training prior to independent use. Use of select equipment and tools requires staff assistance to operate.

2. Materials for use with Makerplace tools will be available for purchase. Material availability is not guaranteed; prices are subject to change. The material price list is posted on the library website. The library does not offer refunds for materials used or for any remnants.

3. Users may bring in their own materials for use with equipment contingent on pre-approval from staff. The library requires a copy of the Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and reserves the right to deny non-compatible materials and tools.

4. The library cannot guarantee product quality, satisfaction, equipment availability or stability, confidentiality of design or specific delivery times.

5. The library is not responsible for damage to any project, if a project does not print correctly, does not work, or if a user’s personal equipment is damaged or destroyed while using any of the library equipment or tools. The library and its staff are not liable for any loss, damage, or expenses sustained by users due to the utilization of services, equipment, software, advice or information.

6. The library is not responsible for any damages, loss or security of data arising from use of its computers or network or during the creation or digitization process. Users are responsible for the storage of their digital files and providing their own storage devices as needed.

7. Users of the Makerplace accept financial responsibility for damage caused to the equipment or space beyond normal wear.


1. The library reserves the right to refuse production of any content at any time. Users will not be permitted to use Makerplace equipment to produce:

a. Content or objects prohibited by local, state, or federal law.

b. Content or objects that are unsafe, harmful, dangerous or pose an immediate threat to the well-being of others including but not limited to weapons or weapon parts.

c. Content protected by intellectual property laws which the user does not have legal permission to use.

2. It is the responsibility of the user to know which intellectual property laws, if any, apply to their intended creation or design when using library equipment.

3. The copyright law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of copies or other reproductions of copyrighted material. Users of the Makerplace are responsible for any related infringement. By submitting content or objects, the user agrees to assume all responsibility for, and shall hold the library harmless in, all matters related to patented, trademarked, or copyrighted materials.

4. To ensure fair and equal access to library equipment, the Makerplace is not and should not be considered a mass-production fabrication facility.

5. Overnight storage of user materials, projects, equipment, or other personal property in the Makerplace is prohibited.


The two main programming/event spaces located within the Makerplace are designed to be flexible and accommodate a wide range of programming use. These flex spaces are available for rental. 

1. Private Makerplace flex space rental is available to users over the age of 18 with priority given to Arlington Heights Memorial Library cardholders, businesses, and non-profit organizations.

2. Reservations by Arlington Heights Library cardholders in good standing may be made two weeks, but no more than six months in advance, unless otherwise approved by library administration. All others may reserve the spaces two weeks, but no more than two months, in advance. 

3. No group may rent any space in the Makerplace more than once per month. 

4. Price structure, fees and requirements for rental are reflected in the Makerplace Application and Use Agreement and may be modified at any time.

5. Renter is required to remain on Makerplace premises during the rental period. 

6. Items may not be stored in the Makerplace outside of the scheduled rental period; the rental space should be left in the same condition as upon arrival.

7. Event capacity is restricted to occupancy limits.

8. Liability insurance is required for all Makerplace renters.


1. All events must be free of charge. Fundraising activities are prohibited, except for those that result in a direct benefit to the library and have received prior approval from library administration. 

2. The renting person/organization is responsible for ensuring that its event complies with requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and compliance shall be at the renting group’s own cost and expense.

3. Children under 12 years of age must be supervised by a responsible caregiver at all times.

4. Rental may not be transferred to another individual or group without prior approval of library staff.

5. Rental reservations are considered tentative until the application and payment are received in full, and the reservation is confirmed by email.

6. The library does not provide assistance in transporting supplies to the spaces or help with set-up beyond the initial set-up, which is done by library staff. Library staff are not available to help with events, take attendance or assist with registration.

7. Behavior that disturbs others is not permitted. The library has the right to cancel or interrupt use of the space at any time. All reservations must adhere to the library’s Code of Conduct policy.

8. The library reserves the right to cancel a reservation if a conflict arises with a library-sponsored program or there is an unforeseen event. Staff will assist the individual in finding an alternate date or will refund the fees.

9. Failure to reimburse the library for damages will result in the suspension of library and/or reservation privileges, and possible criminal charges.

10. By allowing use of its flex spaces, the library does not endorse the activities or viewpoints of renters. Groups using the flex spaces must:  

a. Not state or imply that the group’s activities are sponsored or presented in partnership with the library.

b. Not use the library as a mailing address or list the library’s name, address, phone number or web address as its headquarters.

c. Not publicize their event with posters, leaflets or other publicity in the library building without prior approval by library administration. Directional signs and/or notices for day-of events must be approved by staff prior to posting and removed immediately after use of the space.

d. Include the following disclaimer in all event listings, publications and advertisements: “This event is not affiliated with the Arlington Heights Memorial Library. Use of library space does not constitute endorsement or approval of the organization, this event or its content by the library.”  

e. Not solicit or campaign outside the space before, during, or after the event.

11. The library retains the right to monitor all events conducted on the premises to ensure compliance with library regulations and policies. Library administration shall reserve the option to pre-empt or cancel any rental at any time or refuse a reservation.

12. The cardholder is responsible for returning the space to its original condition.