Cricut EasyPress Heat Press Machine


The Cricut EasyPress features a timer and digital thermometer, taking the guesswork out of applying heat-transfer vinyl, infusible inks and other heat-transfer fabric appliques. The EasyPress combines the convenience of an iron with the speed of a heat press. Set the timer and temperature and when the EasyPress beeps, you're done! 


What does the Makerplace provide? 


What do I need? 

Customers will need to bring their own items to apply their iron-on vinyl to. 


How do I use it? 

  1. Plug in and turn on the Cricut EasyPress. Make sure it is safely on the EasyBase so as not to damage the table. 

  1. Using the buttons on the top of the EasyPress, select the time and temperature for your project. Visit to find the specific settings for your project. The EasyPress will beep when it is ready. 

  1. Place your base material (T-shirt, pillowcase, etc.) on the Cricut EasyPress Mat. 

  1. Preheat the base material for five seconds to remove moisture and any wrinkles. 

  1. Position your design where you want it. Make sure the shiny side (clear liner) faces up. Place the EasyPress on your design and hold it there until it beeps. 

  1. Flip your base material over and apply heat to the back for 15 seconds.  

  1. Remove the shiny liner from your design.  


What materials can I use? 

  • Iron-on vinyl works best on smooth fabric (like a cotton T-shirt or pillowcase) but it can also work on wood or paper. 

This equipment is available to use free of charge. Materials are available for purchase to assist in using this equipment. See all materials and prices here. You may also bring your own materials (all outside materials must be approved by makerspace staff before use). 


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Tips and tricks 

For best results, always pre-wash and thoroughly dry your fabrics. When washing, do not use fabric softener. 

Do your best to work around seams and buttons when applying your iron-on vinyl. 

Depending on your iron-on vinyl, you may need to remove the liner while it’s still warm or wait until it has cooled completely. 

Learn how to layer iron-on vinyl to get multicolored designs here.

After applying your iron-on vinyl, wait at least 24 hours before washing. Always wash inside out and do not bleach or dry clean. Wash only in cold water and then tumble dry low or lay flat to dry.