God, the devil and me



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I have written this book that it may be an inspiration to change not only prisoners of the world but our government and all the people of the world that they may consider Gods way and not their own ways to survive in this world. God has given this country the best of all blessings. We have never had a war with another country on our own native soil. We have been blessed with riches and freedom abundantly because we started this country by putting God first in all things. But our government has turned its back on Gods ways and if not corrected, God will surely lay his wrath against this country and many will suffer and many will die if we don't begin to live the last days according to his word and by his laws which are written in his Holy Bible. I have been inspired by God to write this that millions of souls from Nation to Nation shall be saved. That many may take heed to put on the whole armor of God, to prepare for a spiritual warfare. As all the revelations are coming to past before our very eyes, I hope this will help save our cultures, bring back tradition and ethic norms and values into our American Society. I want to give thanks to God, AAA, NA and my sister, Sandra Wright, for helping and inspiring me to finish this four year task and to continue Gods work to bring the true believers together for God and help break the many cycles that are causing our sociological structure to self-destruct. From a child, I was told some day that I would be special or do something for Gods will being the 7th son and the 7th child. They said I was Holy. In this book, I will tell you all the good and bad things which I saw in my life time and experiences with the natural and the super natural and the spiritual warfare that exist between life and death and the good and the evil which is real in all our lives today. This book, no matter how hypocritical it may seem, is based on true stories of my own self experiences that it may help some people who's having the same problems come forth for testimony so the unbelievers will become believers in Christ Jesus and to learn that Satan and his demons are real

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