The story of the world. Volume 1, Ancient times, from the earliest Nomads to the last Roman emperor history for the classical child


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[Charles City, VA] : Peace Hill Press, [2006]
Revised edition ; [Unabridged]
7 audio discs (approximately 8 hr.) : digital ; 4 3/4 in
9781933339047, 1933339047

Compact disc

Disc 1. How do we know what happened?. What is history; what is archaeology? -- Earliest people. The first nomads -- The first nomads become farmers -- Egyptians lived on the Nile River. Two kingdoms become one -- Gods of ancient Egypt -- The first writing. Hieroglyphs and cuneiform -- The Old kingdom of Egypt. Making mummies -- Egyptian pyramids -- First Sumerian dictator. Sargon and the Akkadians -- Jewish people. God speaks to Abraham -- Joseph goes to Egypt -- Hammurabi and Babylonians. Hammurabi's code -- Disc 2. Assyrians. Shamshi-Adad, king of the whole world -- The story of Gilgamesh -- First cities of India. The river road -- The mystery of Mohenjo-Daro -- The Far East : ancient China. Lei Zu and the silkworm -- The pictograms of ancient China -- Farming in ancient China -- Ancient Africa. Ancient peoples of West Africa -- Anansi and Turtle -- Anansi and the make-believe food -- The Middle kingdom of Egypt. Egypt invades Nubia -- The Hyksos invade Egypt -- The New kingdom of Egypt. General and the woman Pharoah -- Disc 3. Amenhotep and King Tut -- The Israelites leave Egypt. Baby Moses -- Exodus from Egypt -- The Phoenicians. Phoenician traders -- The founding of Carthage -- The return of Assyria. Ashurbanipal's attack -- The library of Nineveh -- Babylon takes over again. Nebuchadnezzar's madness -- Hanging gardens of Babylon -- Life in early Crete. Bull-jumpers and sailors -- King Minos and the minotaur -- Mysterious end of the Minoans -- The early Greeks. The Mycenaeans -- The Greek dark ages -- Greece gets civilized again. Greece gets an alphabet -- Disc 4. The stories of Homer -- The first Olympic games -- The Medes and the Persians. A new empire -- Cyrus the great -- Sparta and Athens. Life in Sparta -- Life in Athens -- Greek gods. The golden apple -- Wars of the Greeks. Greece's war with Persia -- The Greeks fight each other -- Alexander the Great. Philip and his son -- Alexander's invasions -- Death of Alexander -- People of the Americas . Nazca drawings -- Head of the Olmecs

Presents a history of the ancient world, from 6000 B.C. to 400 A.D

Disc 5. Rabbit shoots the Sun -- Rise of Rome. Romulus and Remus -- The power of Rome -- The Roman empire. Roman gods -- Roman builders -- Roman gladiators -- Gladiator school -- Rome's war with Carthage. Punic Wars -- Aryans of India. Life on the Ganges River -- The castes of Ancient India -- Siddhartha -- Mauryan empire of India. The empire united -- The Jakata (i.e., Jataka) tales tales -- Disc 6. China, writing and the Qin. Calligraphy in China -- Warring states -- First emperor and the Great Wall -- The first Emperor's grave -- Confucius. China's wise teacher -- The rise of Julius Caesar. Caesar is kidnapped -- The consuls of Rome -- Caesar and the Senate -- Caesar the hero. Caesar fights the Celts -- Caesar crosses the Rubicon -- Caesar and Cleopatra -- The Death of Caesar -- First Roman prince. Augustus Caesar -- Beginning of Christianity. The birth of Jesus -- Jesus crucified and resurrected -- The end of the ancient Jewish nation. The destruction of the temple -- Disc 7. Rome and the Christians. Nero, the evil emperor -- Christians in the catacombs -- The emperor is a Christian! -- Rome begins to weaken. British rebellion -- Rome divided in two -- Attacking barbarians. Attila the Hun -- Stilicho, Roman and barbarian -- The coming of the Visigoths -- The end of Rome. The last Roman emperor -- The gifts of Rome

Read by Jim Weiss

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