Poland, land of the white eagle



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[United States]: Borodino Books, 2017
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Until the Treaty of Versailles the Polish nation was without a country. For more than a century the buffer-state of Central Europe had no representation on the map. Today when the area, population and resources must be recognized and her strategic position taken into account, Poland remains to many people of the Western world merely the name of a country. That is the reason for this book. It is not intended as a history of Poland nor yet is it an exhaustive treatise on the cultural or economic conditions of the country. It is written rather to bring before the reader data and facts about Poland, interesting facts about a country that is both ancient and new; facts about a people whose history goes back to the twilight of fable; facts about a people who left an indelible mark on the pages of European history. From her earliest days Poland possessed a world of folklore and legends which with her growth as a nation closely united with her history, have become a part of the everyday life of her people. These legends, to some extent, explain the patriotism and love of their country which is one of the chief characteristics of the Poles. It is the hope of the author that this book will prove as interesting and entertaining to the reader as was his contact with this fascinating country and its people

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