Detroit : Greenhaven Press, 2013
1 online resource (147 p.) : col. ill
9780737764048, 9780737768152 (electronic book)

1. A state cannot require parental consent for a minor's abortion : the US Supreme Court's decision / Harry Blackmun -- 2. States should have the right to require parental consent before a minor's abortion : concurring and dissenting opinion / John Paul Stevens -- 3. Parental consent can be required before a minor's abortion can be performed : the US Supreme Court's decision / Lewis F. Powell -- 4. No choice for teens / Amy Bach -- 5. Parental consent laws protect the health of minors / Teresa S. Collett -- 6. Parents fault parental consent laws for their daughter's death after an unsafe abortion : personal narrative / Bill and Karen Bell -- 7. Minors have the right to access contraceptives : the US Supreme Court's decision / William J. Brennan -- 8. Limiting teens' access to contraception unless they obtain parental consent puts them at risk / American Civil Liberties Union -- 9. A teen decides to seek contraception without talking to her parents : personal narrative / Anonymous -- 10. Laws targeting men as the perpetrators of statutory rape are just : the US Supreme Court's decision / William Rehnquist -- 11. Laws targeting men as the perpetrators of statutory rape are unconstitutional : dissenting opinion / William J. Brennan -- 12. A child 13 or younger cannot be charged with statutory rape for sex with peers in most cases : the Ohio Supreme court's decision / Judith Ann Lanzinger -- 13. Age of consent laws are inconsistent and rely on outdated stereotypes of masculinity and femininity / Martha Kempner -- 14. Sexting is immoral and criminal / John L. Terry -- 15. What's the matter with teen sexting / Judith Levine

Examines a broad range of perceived or actual legal rights and freedoms that impact the lives of young American teens. This volume focuses on teenage sexuality

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