The Lord of the rings, the return of the king the complete recordings

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New York : Reprise Records, [2007]
4 audio discs : digital, stereophonic ; 4 3/4 in. + 1 videodisc (sound, color)
6311610639 : 162044-2, 093624996910

Compact discs + DVD

Program notes on insert

Annie Lennox, Renee Fleming, Sir James Galway, Ben del Maestro, Sissel, vocal sololists ; London Philharmonic Orchestra ; London Voices ; London Oratory School Schola ; conducted by Howard Shore

Recorded at CTS Colosseum, Watford; Abbey Road Studios ; Air Lyndhurst

DVD: DVD-audio; Dolby Digital surround sound, Dolby Digital stereo sound, advanced resolution surround (48 kHz 24-bit), advanced resolution stereo sound (48 kHz 24-bit)

Sung principally in English and Irish


Disc One.

Roots and beginnings -- Journey to the cross-roads -- Road to Isengard -- Foot of Orthanc -- Return to Edoras -- Chalice passed -- Green dragon (feat. Billy Boyd and Dominic Monaghan) -- Gollum's villainy -- Eowyn's dream -- Palantir -- Flight from Edoras -- Grace of Undomiel (feat. Renee Fleming) -- Eyes of the White Tower -- Coronal of silver and gold -- Lighting of the beacons

Disc Two.

Osgiliath invaded (feat. Ben del Maestro) -- Stairs of Cirith Ungol -- Allegiance to Denethor -- Sacrifice of Faramir (feat. Billy Boyd performing "The edge of night") -- Parting of Sam and Frodo -- Marshalling at Dunharrow -- Anduril-Flame of the west -- Passing of the Grey Company -- Dwimorberg-The haunted mountain -- Master Meriadoc, swordthain -- Paths of the dead -- Siege of Gondor -- Shelob's lair -- Merry's simple courage

Disc Three.

Grond-the hammer of the underworld -- Shelob the Great -- Tomb of the stewards -- Battle of the Pelennor fields -- Pyre of Denethor -- Mumakil -- Dernhelm in battle -- "Far green country" -- Shieldmaiden of Rohan -- Passing of Theoden -- Houses of healing (feat. Liv Tyler) -- Tower of Cirith Ungol -- Last debate (feat. Sissel peforming "Asea aranion") -- Land of shadow -- Mouth of Sauron (feat. Sir James Galway) -- For Frodo (feat. Ben del Maestro)

Disc Four.

Mount Doom (feat. Renee Fleming) -- Crack of doom -- Eagles (feat. Renee Fleming) -- Fellowship reunited (feat. Sir James Galway, Viggo Mortensen and Renee Fleming) -- Journey to the Grey Havens (feat. Sir James Galway) -- Elanor (feat. Sir James Galway) -- Days of the ring (feat. Annie Lennox performing "Into the west") -- Bilbo's song

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