The game is afoot : parodies, pastiches and ponderings of Sherlock Holmes



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New York : St. Martin's Press, 1994
First edition
xiii, 512 pages ; 21 cm
0312104685 :

Preliminary ponderings: Sherlock Holmes/Frederick Dorr Steele -- The recollection of Captain Wilkie/Arthur Conan Doyle -- The original of Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Harold Emery Jones -- Mr. Sherlock Holmes/Dr. Joseph Bell -- Early parodies-Con amour: The singular adventue of the unexpected doorscraper/Kenneth Grahame -- The adventure of the two collaborations/James M. Barrie -- The mystery of Pinkham's diamond stud/John Kendrick Bangs -- The Unbrosa Burglary/R.C. Lehmann -- A la Sherlock Holmes/Charles Loomis -- The sign of the "400"/R.K. Munkittrick -- The adventure of the clothes-line/Carolyn Wells -- Sherlock Holmes umpire baseball/Anonymous -- Six classic pastiches: Adventure of circular room/August Derluth -- The adventure of the marked man/Stuart Palmer -- The strange case of the Megatherium thefts/S.C. Roberts -- The adventure of the unique Hamlet/Vincent Starrett -- The enchnted garden/H.F. Heard -- But our hero was not dead/Manly Wade Wellman -- Scholarly ponderings: Sherlock Holmes and the drood mystery/Edmund Pearson -- In the island of Uffa/Poul Anderson -- The Tibetan adventures of Sherlock Holmes/Amanda Russell -- The histrionic Holmes/Marvin Kaye -- How Holmes came to play the violin/Jaques Barzun

Parodies absurdes et cruelles: The reakky final solution/Nick Pollatta -- The unmasking of Sherlock Holmes/Arthur Chapman -- The succored beauty/William B. Kahn -- The Adventure of the second swag/Luke Sharp -- An irreducible detective story/Stephen Leacock -- The adventure of Shamrock Jolnes/O. Henry -- The stolen cigar cases/Bret Harte -- A letter from Mycroft Holmes/Jon White -- The murder of Conan Doyle/Ray Russel -- The adventure of the Conk-Singleton papers/John Dickson Carr -- Journal of a Ghurka Physician/Capt. Daniel M. Pinkwater -- The Struldbrugg reaction/John Sutherland -- New adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The moriarty gambit/Fritz Leiber -- The adventure of the missing countess/Jon Koons -- The Gibraltar letter/Sam Benady -- The strange case of the tongue-tied tenor/Carole Bugge -- The problem of the purple maculas/James C. Iraldi -- Our American cousins/Roberta Rogow -- Pieces Problematical: The field bazaar/Arthur Conan doyle -- Sussex interview/P.M. Stone -- Frome the diary of Sherlock Holmes/ Maurice Baring -- Mrs. Hudson speaks/ZaSu Pitts -- The adventure of the Bogle-Wolf/Anthony Boucher -- Sherlock Holmes in Oz/Ruth Berman -- The sinister cheesecake/Craig Shaw Gardner -- The dilemma of the distressed savoyard/Crighton Sellars -- The adventures of the death-fetch/Darrell Schweitzer -- The thet of the persian slipper/Edward D. Hoch -- The dynamics of an astroid/Robert Block -- "Daydream"/Basil Rathbone

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