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This resource offers 1-on-1 online help with math, science, english, social studies and more from noon to 12:00 a.m. daily. Video Tutorial


*Our top choice for homework and projects:
This resource is awesome with magazine, newspaper and reference articles for students, from middle schoolers to undergraduates. Also available through the Access My Library iPad app l Video Tutorial
Other Helpful Resources:
Thousands of detailed international maps (countries, regions, states, etc.), as well as topographic maps, climate maps, and more.
Articles from thousands of magazines/journals, covering all topics. | Tutorial.
Explore plant & animal life, evolution, genetics, ecology, scientists' biographies and more.
Explore chemistry, including atoms, molecules, chemical reactions and more, with easily-understood articles and interactive demonstrations.
Explore the elements and learn about their properties & uses.
Learn about customs, traditions, and daily life from around the world using this database. Get statistical information, maps, photos and more! Explore the 50 states or Canadian provinces too. 
Allows simultaneous searching of MasterFile Premier, Academic Search Premier, Business Source Premier and ERIC, with additional browsing tools. | Tutorial
Young adult edition of the world's most famous encyclopedia. Includes a world atlasbiographies, a tool to compare countries and more, as well as "how-to" guides for research projects, presentations, etc.
A very helpful database containing useful essays, background information, and articles on famous figures. Also available through the Access My Library iPad app.
Gale in Context: High School
This resource is awesome with magazine, newspaper and reference articles for students, from middle schoolers to undergraduates. Also available through the Access My Library iPad app.
Getting ready for a debate? Want to hear both sides of an issue? This is the tool for you.
Reference eBooks on biography, business, environment, history, law, literature, medicine, multicultural studies, nations/worldreligion, science, social science, and more. See also Access My Library app. | Video Tutorial (with printable instructions)
Magazine, journal and reference articles on all topics. | Tutorial.
Milestone Documents in American History
Famous documents from US History - speeches, treaties, etc.  Great for finding primary sources!
Full-text issues of National Geographic (1880- ) and  National Geographic Traveler (2010- ).  Hundreds of maps, videos and images.
A comprehensive enclyclopedia with easier-to-read articles. Includes reference articles, text-to-speech capabilities, learning and life skills activities, research tools, multimedia, and interactive video.


Even more databases that you can access if you have a District 214 NetID!



Instructor-led, six-week online courses on hundreds of topics, from computer/coding skills to creative writing to healthy cooking and more. Includes two "SAT/ACT Test Prep" classes.
In-depth video tutorials on popular technology, coding, web design, social networking, job & career skills, and financial literacy.
Language learning program offering instruction in practical conversation and cultural awareness; includes French, Italian, Spanish, German and more!
Prepare for standardized (ACT, GRE, SAT, etc.) and job-related tests by completing personalized coursework and more! AP exam prep materials are also available. Also available through the Access My Library app.
New user? Account needs reactivating? Use the account activation form. Learn web design, coding, mobile app development, and more! Earn points & badges to track your progress. For AHML cardholders only. Also available as an iPad app.
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