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coverThanks to our first two teen reviewers!!  Awesome job guys and you now have entries into Giveaways for $25 to Chipotle, Mariano's and more for Read. Eat. Repeat!
"I read the "The Hunger Games" by Suzanne Collins. This book is in the top 10 list of my favorite books. I believed that the couple of chapters before the Hunger Games actually started were quite boring. But when the Hunger Games began, I could not put the book down. Overall, the book is filled with much anticipating action and adventure." -Sean
"Kira has been friends with Lydia for a really long time and they're so close that they're nearly sisters! However, while Lydia is out taking pictures for her photography class, Kira and Lydia are coverattacked. The attack leaves Lydia injured badly and when Octavion, Lydia's brother comes into the scene, Kira finds only a commoner could risk their lives and suffer to save Lydia. She does, and lives to pry why Lydia kept her secrets and why they have to hide from Shandira, Lydia and Octavion's sister, and most of all, why Kira can't leave. But Kira can't leave. Her Mom and Boyfriend left her all alone, and so she has nowhere to go. But when Octavion and Lydia finish all of this... Does Kira seriously think they will take her to their planet? To make everything worse, Kira thinks she is falling in love... With Octavion! 
Read Bound by C.K. Bryant!"  - Rebecca 

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What's free, downloadable, awesome and helps you find award-winning books for teens?!  Give up?  It's the Teen Book Finder App by YALSA (Young Adult Librarians Services Association)! 
Two reasons to LOVE the app:
1) You can create a 'Favorite's list' of books that you are a fan of or want to read.  This reminded me of the also awesome Entertainment Weekly App, which has the same feature.  Surprisingly, in its 'Top 10 Things We Love This Week' listing on EW's app, there are a high percentage of books for teens!
2) I loved the different awards lists you can browse in the app . . . check out the Alex Awards (best books written for adults but with Teen appeal!  So. Cool.
Since we are feeling all App-ey today, you have to download the library's app.  Best feature: You can scan books in Barnes and Noble or any other place, see if our library owns it and put a hold on it!

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I found this video a little while back and it still amazes me. This artist creates paintings by dropping globs of paint into a bed of water and manipulates the paint into interesting shapes. The video is a little long, but stick around if you don't have anywhere to go because the end result is really amazing!

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WOW! Check out this super fun video created at last Saturday's Start-Animation Project!

More videos from the program can be seen on our YouTube channel.