Posted by bryanbednarek on 05/03/16

Greetings fellow meat machines!
I've been told my name is Bryan and I'm okay with that name. You may call me that. I'm one of your new Teen Services Advisors and I am pretty excited about it. After 3 years working the Tech Help desk (you may recognize me from the Studio), I'm looking forward to fostering smiles on some new faces-- your faces.
Betweens sips coffee and to the soundtrack of a podcast or an audiobook, I play in a band or two, compulsively clean, or explore some technology. I'm a grammar enthusiast who likes Photoshop, writing and recording the occasional song, and maybe even some video editing here and there. 
My favorite escape though, is camping. Gimme wilderness. GIMME. Hiking, campfires, kayaking, or perhaps some fishing if I'm feeling dangerous. Do you know any good locations? I'm always looking for some place where airplanes and automobiles cannot be heard.
I want to learn things so tell me stuff! 

Posted by meyoung on 04/27/16

Hi, hi! I’m Megan, one of the new Teen Services Advisors. I’ve been working at the Arlington Heights Memorial Library for about a year in Info Services, and I’m super psyched to be working in the Hub now.

Word vomit about me:

I read. A lot. Last year I read 63 books, for funsies, including everything from graphic novels to creative non-fiction. All book recommendations are highly appreciated, especially if we talk about it afterwards. I read ALL THE THINGS. The first series that got me into reading was, none other than, Harry Potter. When I’m not powering through books or being a lump on the couch, watching Netflix, I’m outside as much as possible. It doesn’t matter what I’m doing outside; I just love being outdoors. I enjoy being active, but hate running. I dabble in staying up as late as possible and gaming, as well as imagining my life with a French bulldog (whose name will be Watson).

Stop by and we’ll chat about 90s grunge, our shared love of accents, and spit movie quotes.

Posted by alice on 04/25/16

3 Kinds of Test Takers
Are you getting ready for your AP Exams? Don't be like Harry on the day of your test, be like Hermione!
The good news is, we've got practice tests you can take from home! Of course, you can always come by the Hub and study, and we're happy to help if it's not AP Calc BC. But below are some instructions to get you access to free AP Tests with your library card (and even without)!
1. Go to the library’s Teen page ( and login to your library account on the top right
2. Click on the “Study” tab at the top of the page
3. Scroll all the way down to Testing & Education Reference Center (TERC) and click
4. If this is your first time using it, register or sign in to your account
5. Under “High School Tools”, click on “Advanced Placement Exams (AP)”
6. Under “Online Practice Tests”, choose a subject and get going!

You can also check out TERC by using the Access My Library APP if you don't have a library card!