Posted by bryanbednarek on 07/09/16

It's time to get prepared for your summer reading!  I know it sounds so, so unbearably hard but you just need to answer these two questions. 
1. What do I need to read?
Depending on which classes you're taking or which grade you'll be in next year, you may need to read different books!  Be sure to click the appropriate link below to find out what is required of you this summer.
2. Is it available at AHML?
After you figure out which books you need, skip the tedious seraching and click the appropriate link below to see if it's available at AHML.  Each list includes books, audiobook CDs, and even digital copies!
Remember the Hub opens at noon every day this summer.  Drop by the desk to say hello, ask questions, or join our Summer Reading Program.

Posted by bryanbednarek on 07/07/16

Come to the Hub this month to make a crafty phone accessory. Don't forget, making one gets you one step closer to completing the Summer Reading Program!
What you need:
  • Hot Glue
  • Toy Dinosaur
  • Suction Cup

What you do:
  1. Select your favorite dinosaur
  2. Stand it up and determine a good angle to cut
  3. Carefully slice that dinosaur in half
  4. Glue a suction cup to it and let it dry
  5. Stick it on the back of your phone, a window, a mirror... really any hard, non-porous surface

Posted by bryanbednarek on 05/03/16

Greetings fellow meat machines!
I've been told my name is Bryan and I'm okay with that name. You may call me that. I'm one of your new Teen Services Advisors and I am pretty excited about it. After 3 years working the Tech Help desk (you may recognize me from the Studio), I'm looking forward to fostering smiles on some new faces-- your faces.
Betweens sips coffee and to the soundtrack of a podcast or an audiobook, I play in a band or two, compulsively clean, or explore some technology. I'm a grammar enthusiast who likes Photoshop, writing and recording the occasional song, and maybe even some video editing here and there. 
My favorite escape though, is camping. Gimme wilderness. GIMME. Hiking, campfires, kayaking, or perhaps some fishing if I'm feeling dangerous. Do you know any good locations? I'm always looking for some place where airplanes and automobiles cannot be heard.
I want to learn things so tell me stuff!