Hey There! 

How's it going?  We are busy here behind the scenes planning stuff that is just for teens.  Stuff like fun programs, contests and other amazing ways to stave off boredom and malaise.  AND we're anxiously awaiting the completion of the new Hub space - which is going to be glorious.  Right now, in case you don't know who "we" are (or even if you do), let us introduce ourselves!

Tom S. - Teen Services Supervisor
Likes: Making movies and learning how to make new salsas
Dislikes: When there is a rock or a pebble in my shoe
Loves: ipads, graphic novels and laughing very hard
Superpower: can smell bad breath from over a mile away
Trixie D. - Teen Advisor
Likes: DIYing and running
Dislikes: Spam (unsolicited messages not the canned meat product)
Loves: Reading, listening to music, and yoga
Superpower: bionic foot
Max K. - Teen Services Assistant
Likes: Video games, exercise
Dislikes: Nothing, I'm a ray of sunshine
Loves: Art, science, and Fruity Cheerios
Superpower: Flying (duh)
Amy P. - Teen Librarian
Likes: Trying new crafts
Dislikes: Any housewives show
Loves: Teen books, cats, taking naps
Superpower: Never falls
Alice S.
Alice S. - Teen Advisor
Likes: Finding new things to like
Dislikes: When the battery on my phone or laptop is at 1%
Loves: Music, books, and the rule of three
SuperpowerGoogle search extraordinaire
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Fri, 03/29/2013 - 4:11pm