This week we have a special review from Joe in the Programs Department.  And guess what?  The author Leslie Stella will be here on August 7th for a book discussion of her recent book, followed by a DIY 'zine workshop.
Sign up here!  Then come to the Hub to pick up your copy of the book!!
Permanent Record by Leslie Stella
Permanent Record is tight, compelling, heartwarming, funny, and credibly set in Chicago’s Rogers Park neighborhood. Teens will flip for this book. It truly speaks their language, but not through an overuse of slang or idiotic text-speak--it speaks their emotional language. Stella somehow successfully channels the cross-cultural voice of an Iranian-American teenage boy, and the peek inside his head is sure to resonate tremendously with teens (and adults, who were once teens themselves) everywhere. This book unflinchingly takes on some of the heaviest aspects of growing up--feeling like an outsider, struggling to figure out one's place in the world, wrestling with new emotions and maturing relationships, the nature of respect--and deftly presents them with honesty, and even a little hope. 
Name:  Joe C.
Department:  Programs
Years at AHML:  almost 1
Favorite thing I do at work: Transform ideas into live programs
Best place to Read my book:  on the train
Why I like reading YA:  It helps me stay connected to what’s happening now for young people
Mon, 07/29/2013 - 5:19pm